Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hollister Does the Impossible - Hits the All Time "Low"

Alright. So, I've been waiting to create a new post until I get some pics of my weekend in St. George with my Ward. I decided it was time to make some friends and hey, maybe even see if I'm ready to come out of dating retirement (which lets be honest - dating retired or not there's no dating going on for me so at least I can live under the delusion that it's voluntary - eh?). Well, needless to say the retirement is sticking, but I had a lot of funny in sunny St. Georgey with the Wardys. I climbed Angel's Landing for the first time, which was truly inspirational, mostly because I felt I really had a substantial work out for the first time since Frisbee sprints in San Franny (I may or may not have gained 5 lbs - sue me - I ate my feelings for awhile). At any rate - enough St. George allusions - pics are hopefully on the way. Oh! And the reason I don't have them now isn't because I've gone "retro" and converted back to the old film and develop routine - it's because though I brought my camera - when I dug it out of my bag at the beginning of Angel's Landing and tried to turn it on - oops - battery dead. SO! I relied on my fellow hikers to take pics and subsequently post them on Facebook so I could snag them for YOUR viewing pleasure, dear Internet. So hang tight - they'll be worth the wait.

Anyway - while we wait I'd like to present Hollister's new low. You recall the low riding jeans barely hanging on to the manikin by his manikin bulge, right? Oh you recall. The dollar bills. All those fun and inappropriate things. WELL! Just when you think it couldn't get any lower - they go and pull something like this:
And TOTALLY redeem themselves!!! Well, not redeem, that just seemed like the thing to say considering the obscure Dumb and Dumber allusion. Please tell me some of you got it. At any rate - you think dem otha pants was low. Psh! Try NO PANTS! How will they EVER beat this? I mean! This shirt and scarf are SO great that you don't even need to wear PANTS! I have to have this shirt... I'm sure the Comissioner will understand... I'm sure the public would get it... "that's the shirt from Hollister that requires no pants... she really pulls it off well"


(light) Black And Decker said...

Do you remember my pantless women post? Yeah. Same thing.

Andrea Jolene said...

Dude - totally thought of you as I was posting. Though I've learned not to label said post with such deragatory exclamations as "pantless woman!" ;) Thanks for making the mistakes!