Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Would you like a life update? Well, here ya go!

This must be a sign. I’ve got nothing I really care to blog about. I experience times where inspiration is abundant and the cynicism flows, and other times when “meh” just nothing extremely noteworthy going on in my ickle life. And it is very ickle. Bitty, in fact.

SO! It must have been time for a general life update. This is the sign I speak of. Life Update. Yep. Just what’s going on in my life thus far – things that are pending or changing. I know you very much care, and that’s why I feel it my duty to tell you about me… me me me… ME ME ME!! PLANET ME! Cough… just kidding.

Update Uno: I live here. It’s taken me a looooong time (aka 3 months) to post pics of the cute Holladay Hills House I moved into this January 1st. Isn’t it cute?

Here's my room...

The irony is – I’m moving out. Bwahahaha! That’s why I finally have pics of my house. I am looking to sell my contract. True story! And I know what you are thinking, first – Why? It’s so cute! And secondly – Why? You JUST moved in! Well – first and foremost it IS cute and the roomies are great – and I DID just move in - buuuuut it’s located in Holladay and I – being a downtown working soon-to-be downtown schooling gal – would love to be a little closer than the super south, super east location, super annoying I-15 commute crowd, of our picturesque little home. Thus, the only reason I WOULD give up such a great house at such a great price, is for yet another great place for a good price with the added bonus of a sweet location. Dear Internet, I have found such a place. True, it’s not a house, it’s an apt. True, it’s not as “remodeled” as the house and true, it’s $10 more, HOW-EV-ER it’s RIGHT by the Capitol… as in the State Capitol Building. Can I explain to you that it only takes me 5 minutes from “get in the car at work” to “turn off the car at apt”? Well it DOES! I timed it. This means on those happy summery mornings (that I’ve stopped believing actually exist – mumble grumble snow… gripe) I can stinking WALK to work in 20 minutes and THEN (oh it gets better) TRAX my environmentally conscience and financially strapped student self up to the UofU for classes. Not to mention the Ward I shall be attending starts at 11am. Jealous? That’s right you are! All you sucker 9am Churcher goers and, even worse, 1pm church goers, are very jealous. I be gettin to the worship service at 11am! That means I’m done at 2:00! 2:00!! It’s a little bit of “sleep in”, and a little bit of “my entire day isn’t completely gone”, the best of both worlds in the church meeting realm. Woot.

Oh, and I get to live with my long time off again/on again roomie, Nikelle. That’s right everyone! We’re back together! When you find a good roomie… you try and stick with them. I’ve hit the ripe old age now of wanting to only live with a dog, a husband, or Nikelle. Aaaaaaand since I can’t afford me and a dog alone, and since there are no husbands to choose from at the moment (though dates? Perhaps…wink nudge), Nikelle it is! Pics of our cozy little Capitol Hills apt forthcoming...

(Self Psycho-Analysis Moment: You know what it really is about my moving so much this year (and this just came to me). I had gotten used to the idea of being a traveling gypsy this entire year and when that exploded in a mass of disappointment and crushed life long hopes and dreams, somehow, my body still clung to the idea of moving every handful of months – even if it’s SLC, Taylorsville, Holladay, and Downtown vs Turkey, Paris, Spain, and London. Yeeeeah… same idea… right? Cough. Ah, crappy).

Life Update Deux: I got bangs.

Seen here.

I tried to be discreet about taking this pic at work. See how discreet I am? I took it with my trusty phone (as always) though I’ve actually taken to keeping my camera with me lately. I like the phone camera for pics of myself because the resolution is poor and thus it gives the illusion I’m not a squinty eyed, sallow skinned, crooked lipped, weirdy (unintentional Professor Snape reference anyone?). No really – I am probably one of the least photogenic people in the world. S’okay. I don’t mind. Well, I do mind but there’s nothing to be done. (And if any of you say “Like, hello! Look at that profile pic on your blog! That’s cute! Like, you are so silly.” Well let me tell you I was MUCH tanner (San Franny days) in better shape (much running and walking and frisbee’ing) had just showered, a tall man took the pic so he had a better angle than “self pics” tend to, AND I was outside in some great lighting. You should note that this is likely the only pic I am aware of where I don’t cringe and think “Ah crap do I REALLY look like that? Geez.” The End)


Bangs. And I don’t know if I regret them or not. Do I regret them? I always worry I look like a 1960’s British man with bangs. Sigh. Alas, I am taken back to the Provo days where I first got bangs around this time last year… and then grew them out.. and now have them again. I recalled being able to put my hair into ickle pig-tails in about 5 minutes and going out the door. I liked that! Then realized my place of employment couldn’t possibly continue to pay someone who wore pig-stubs to work. We are Professionals! Sigh. Maybe a casual Friday event at any rate – jeans and pig-stubs.

(Self Psycho Analysis Moment: Girl gets bangs for the intent of wearing pig-stubs to work to create the illusion of living back in Provo, working back at BYU IS with its big windows, 70 little employees at her command, some great running routes, weekly volleyball play, and a general happiness that seemed to finally be descending upon her after a long winter of unemployment and personal anguish… much like this winter. I hate winters. Hate them)

Final Life Update…
I applied to be either a Graduate Assistant or Teaching Assistant for my MPA program, Fall 2009-April 2010. Yep. I’ll know the progress on that little gem hopefully by April 15th. NO! I am NOT quitting my job… but seeing what happens with these pending positions and what I can finagle between my job now (which I enjoy) and a possible GA or TA position. One of those “cross that bridge when we come to it” ideas. Yup.

(Self Psycho-Analysis Moment: Naw, I’m good with this… we’ll roll with it as it is)

And there’s my life update(s) – moving , bangs, and pending applications. Wasn’t that just riveting? Eh? Riveting.


Misty said...

I enjoyed the life update! Much more exciting than what I would be able to come up with! Oh, and I love the fringes.

Anonymous said...

Another positive of living near the capitol is that you get to shop at the Ubber-cool Smiths in the Avenues.