Thursday, March 19, 2009

Like, Wow Hollister... WOW.

My offices are located at the Gateway. I really like the location. Well, there are some torturous aspects (like driving my Anthropologie's ever changing window display... oh it burns us), but mostly I really like it. There's some decent places for me and the co-workers to eat if we don't want what we have sealed away in our Ziplocs and Tupperware. We also get to pass a few stores like LoveSac, PacSun, LIDS, and...Hollister. YEAH! Everytime I've passed this store, be it the dead of winter or a lovely Spring day like today, there is a half dressed man advertising clothes... I shall repeat... a HALF dressed man advertising CLOTHES with loooooooow slung jeans posed outside of Hollister. I mean I've seen low slung, but these are downright obscene. I mean, you can see his... ya know... MAN-ikin parts. If this were a real man - he'd have to shave - stuff. Abercrombie has always notoriously flirted with this "nudity sells clothes" idea - but Hollister - they've taken it to a whole new level... a looooower level. His pants are ONLY held up by... a bulge... which you can HALF see! Don't nooobody want to see that. Breasts are one thing - they're artistic and beautiful - but man-ikin parts... no thanks.

Oh... ha ha ha.. and the dollar bills? Well - after weeks and weeks of walking by, and mocking, and staring (how could we not?) at this scantily clad manikin, my co-worker Darren and I decided it was time to stuff some dollar bills in his pants and take a pic. I mean - what else could we do? We felt compelled to give him $1 bills. We also got some interesting looks - and a few snickers from High School boys. You can always count on High Schools boys to snicker.


Cory and Michele said...

Bwahahahahaha! That was seriously the most funny thing ever. Darren didn't even get embarrassed like we did. I totally think we need a name for the manikin... we know him well... really well. Yikes!

Mrs. Cheeseball said...

I snickered too.

I always feel a little violated when I walk past that "man" too. Sheesh. I want to cover him up.

Mike & Emily West said...

Geesh! Those be some low-ridas and I too blush a little at his MAN-ikin parts. The money idea: classy. You are hilarious!

Kimber's Blog said...

This made me laugh so bad. I also love that they have a constant flow of perfume comming from the store. It is like it is pumped out into the air beckoning you to come in and shope.