Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm putting off homework... and finding infamy in unexpected places

I really don't want to start my homework and I know I HAVE to... alas... here I am posting on my blog when there are mounds of texts and assignments for the "getting to." I will tell you another reason I am putting off doing my homework - it's because I already did half of it and it was LOST! Seriously, technology is a large LOSE sometimes. I big fat fail. On Friday, being a very studious little grad student, I did a good portion of my homework for one of my classes. As part of this class we have to write something called "micro themes" to outline our opinion on certain bits of our weekly (500 pages of doom) reading. WELL! Granted these micro themes only need to be 100-150 words long, they still have to encompass some rather meaty topics and at least give the semblance of "grad school" level understanding. This is were I'm glad I was an English major and can many times make it sound like I know what I'm talking about when really... ahem... well anyway.

POINT! My BRAN NEW WORK COMPUTER had itself a bit of a crash Sunday night for no reason other than to torture me (I'm sure of it) and anything that was saved from 5:00 on Friday night until Monday when I reconnected to the network at work was lost. So! Micro-theme? Gone. Alas. It could be much worse than a 150 word summary, but it's still hella annoying to have to duplicate work. Especially about chapters describing bureacratic structures and discpline theories. Awesome.

So it's being put off...

And while putting it off I have checked the Facebook rounds, my bank account (still there - wahoo!), and then proceeded to my blog to see if any sad little BYU fans had commented on my video (evil grin insert here). Well, no comments (MWA hahahaha!), but in my procrastination efforts to GET to my blog, I typed my addy in the search engine portion and BING pulled up some interesting websites. Come to find, I am rather famous on a few websites for my remarks upon a little post I wrote around this time last year about the Mormon Muffins calendar coming out... er... sometime. Shrug. Glazed look... when WAS that supposed to come out? I'm sure we'll hear ALL about it when it finally does and rest assured - me and all my "friends" (sarcasem here) will be there to voice our opinions. I did find however, that that post was not only a topic of comment on my own blog, but in fact, made the "headline" for many other blogs, many of which are specifically created to bash Mormons and Mormon ways and bring up all bad experiences ever had with a member of the Mormon church and about how Mormon dogs are terrible too, etc, etc. This concept always blows my mind slightly. Why someone would establish a blog for the sole purpose of slamming on other people's beliefs. I mean SURE, it's one thing to post our own opinion on our own established little blogs because we have something to say about this, that, or the other. But as a personal opinion I've always found it strange that folks specifically establish blogs for the gathering together and discussing how much they hate other people's belief systems. Meh. Free country. I realize just because I don't get it doesn't mean it's wrong or anything. Naw. Just strange... and to me kinda a waste of time and energy, yes? Perhaps.

At any rate, it was not only my Mormon Muffin opinion (i.e. somewhat of a rant because it really pushed a button for me...) that was discussed and added to the list of "why we hate Mormons and their ways, dogs, faces, lawns" but a number of other posts I've stated my opinion on a variety of "heated" issues between the LDS church and a variety of groups. Shrug. Who knew? I don't mind them discussing my outlook on things and if they utilize it to fuel their hate, well that's too bad. But if not me, there would be other fuels for that fire. Folks with so much hatred find ways to fuel it. It's like Joseph Smith said, people can leave the church, but they can't leave it alone. How true that is. I truely wonder if some folks spend their days searching the Internet for more evidence to support their personal vendetta's against a religion they don't even belong to anymore. Or they wait in the shadowy corners of the blogosphere for that "chick who blogged about that calendar" to post again so they can scream "YOU SEE! THIS IS WHY I HATE YOU! ALL OF YOU! YOU ALL JUDGE ME!" I just like Lion House rolls man... calm down. I guess "best in the world" can't really be proven but they are pretty stinking good! The real irony is many of them started their posts about MY post saying "she probably won't even post this comment... GRAH!!" when actually, being one who will post opinions for or against issues I talk about because I do feel all sides should be heard, DID post MANY of their comments... unless they were exceptionally crude or pathetically lame... ya know like the "your mom is a muffin!" sort of thing. Believe me, I'm doing YOU a favor for not posting those. Next time don't check your brain power at the door... bring 'er on in.

Alas, now that I have posted yet possibly one more topic that can be made infamous on those particularly negative against the LDS church sites, guess I'll get to my homework... again. Honestly, some of the above sass is probably attributed to my annoyance about having to re-do homework. In fact, I'd say about 90% of the sass is contributed to that... the other 10%? That's just me. :)


Becca said...

Wow, girl, I just went back and looked up that post. That sucks. There is a LOT of hate out there. I'm sorry you had to have so much of it directed at you. And all you were doing was posting your opinion on your own blog.

Andrea Jolene said...

Ha yeeeeeeah. So'okay. I posted two more rebuttles that were less "spit" and more "okay... here is a calmed opinion of the exact same thing." But I hold to it!

Jessica said...

"I truly wonder if some folks spend their days searching the Internet for more evidence to support their personal vendetta's against a religion they don't even belong to anymore."

Stop wondering.

Adam & MiKail said...

Wow, you are the popular one, aren't you? Oh well. People will say what they will say, but it doesn't really matter. Sorry about the loss of the homework - that brought back some bad memories. Shudder.