Sunday, September 20, 2009

This weekend I shamelessly flirted with a 21-year-old

I am 25, practically 26 (October 12th), and this weekend during a huge stake service project, I met a young strapping lad with whom I passed the morning with happily. There were about 300 people present at said event from our Stake, and we were divided by respective multi-colored wrist-bands that indicated what service we would be providing for the surrounding community that day. I, having a yellow wrist-band, joined the "painting group" and commenced painting a lovely little house in the Rose Park community with other happy singles. On the roof of this house is where I found this strapping boy, about 6'3 respectively (for some reason I've been into the "tallish" ones as of late... I'm sure it will pass) reaching the "hard to reach" places with his little paint brush. I climbed the ladder leaning on the house near his roof perch and we began interacting as singles tend to interact... personal jabs, clever little remarks, and all smiles. Oh and naturally when there is paint involved, it's an easy way for dudes to utilize the opportunity to put paint on you. How coy. ;) The dances we dance.

So, upon some interaction with boy I first thought he might be around 23 or 24 - which was fine and dandy with me. In fact, besides the "tall" factor, I've started to prefer fella's my age or a "little younger" when it comes to the dating. I know that seems a little weird (aka non-traditional), and there's no pattern in my dating life that would indicate any sort of cougar-esque tendencies (QUITE the opposite) but for some reason, younger seems better. That does seem to be the trend these days... the cougar part. Though I might add if any of you dare call me a cougar I will of course, think you are referring to that team down south and will subsequently hunt you down with my Ute SPEAR! You have been warned.

Anyway... a few cheesy and pukey paint fights and shameless flirtatious remarks later, I find that this young boy with innocence gleaming from his eyes is, in fact, 21 years old and has been of "the mish" for 5 months. Alrighty then. 21. Immediately my mind pounces on three facts:

1. I have a little brother older than him
2. I have a second little brother his same age serving a mission now and
3. I have a third little brother who's as close to his age as I am.

Wow. I'm gross.

Upon further interaction it was very clear his age fit him. Example: he still has a continued zeal for life and the mucho energy to be such a flirty little monkey. And really, it was awesome. Lets be honest, it was a nice refreshing reminder of how fun it used to be to date and be around the opposite sex. Remember those days? When we used to ENJOY the game? When it used to be fun to spot a nice looking boy with his heavy backpack, cherub cheeks, and missionary haircut sitting in his little corner of the Institute building working on his Math 1050 homework? Aw. Those were the days... alas. Now I differentiate ages by tense.. "what is your major" vs. "what was your major." Oh like undergrad? Yes... he asked me my current major. Well son, in Grad school it's a little different. How about you? Undecided? Ah well... you're only a... cough... sophomore. Plenty of time. Yeah I think minoring in the language you served your mission in is a super great idea (... ... ... ...).

But again, it was refreshing to meet a cute little fellow who still has his "find a girl-dar" activated and in essence, TRIES. In my own "age-bracket", well, here comes my honesty again, every woman is bitter and every dude is set in his ways (aka going nowhere fast). Ha. Alright. Not EVERY woman nor every man 25 and older is in the afore mentioned general categories, but many are. And many start getting that taint at about... well... 25! As for myself, I'm working very hard to NOT become that girl with the "I already hate you because you're a man and men are tools" look lasering from my eyes. And what better way to keep myself young and full of hope then shamelessly flirting (no really... it was sort of sickening and almost pathetic) with a cutsey little 21 year old fresh of his mish? Eh??? Nothin! It was fun. He was a nice boy, and I'm a short girl that probably looked about 21 too. He even said I was cute and funny. Aw. I've not heard that I was cute and funny... well... I can't remember when (or if) I've been told I was cute or funny (to quote "the funniest girl ever!") in a long time... or ever.

Lesson learned: young boys still like girls - and aren't tainted by them. And I would wager it's the same on the other end - young girls still like boys - and aren't embittered towards them. We all want a little love... but how can you expect to get some love with that ugly scowl on your face sister? Or by not asking anyone out... EVER, Mr. "Cool"? Seriously. Sometimes we seriously sabotage ourselves. Though of COURSE I know it all "gets old" and we all grow weary of the game and the bad experiences, but be of good cheer! Smile! Dare to have that hope again like you did as a young fresh-faced 21-year-old and even then if you don't find the eternal companion of your heart, I bet you'll feel better anyway. Go ahead! Flirt with the 21 year old!

As for me, I'm not ashamed to stand up and say "This weekend I shamelessly flirted with a 21-year-old... and I'll do it again!!!" Well... maybe when I turn 26 I'll shamelessly flirt with a 22 year old. That doesn't seem as pervy. And dudes, anything with "teen" in the age is ALWAYS too young and forever unacceptable. That needed to be made clear in case any of these words come back to haunt me ;) Double standard? Sure a little - but maybe the trend will shift from cougars back to pervs again soon. You never know.


heidikins said...

25 is not old, nor is 26 for that matter. ;o)

I'm glad you had a lovely flirtatious weekend, and I think it can only do you well to flirt with the youngsters. ;o)


janers said...

i'm not so sure you need to write off the young ones just yet. you made the point that those in your typical traditional range are a lil stuck in their this point for you...21 is not so young. i say hunt him down. ;)

naomi said...

Psh, 26 and 21 - that age gap is minute.

Andrea Jolene said...

You're all right!!! So he's 21?? Means he's moldable. I can fashion him how I want him. Mwahahahaha!

Cory and Michele said...

I love it! You little Cougar, you!

Marisa Jean said...

I think your little cougar comment was a freudian slip; it obviously has dual meanings for you.

And I say flirt away. Old men are set in their ways, younger lads will be easier to train.