Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the end of the day... I have chosen a WINNER!!

No actually, I randomly selected the winner from an official box. That's right... I copped out. Listen. The submissions were all equally and incredibly impressive and lets be honest, there was absolutely NO WAY I could've made this decision on my own. So I enlisted the help of Fate and Destiny... as well as two friends and a Dawn of the Ted official box. Just go with it...

First, I would like to illustrate how this very scientific process of Les Miserables ticket selection went down. I have created photo documentation of the process and may even submit the formalized method for publishing. We shall see, we shall see.

First, enters indecision, contemplation, and deep-thought:

Second, enters complete confusion, indecision, and perplexity:

But never FEAR!

Third, enters bright idea!

Fourth, the selection process begins... in a very serious (apparently a little angry) fashion.

And FINALLY... the selection is MADE!!

A fine selection indeed! 
  My only regret is that I could not provide and/or take every awesome entree with me. I thought through this and felt that you each deserved some sort of prize anyway for taking the time to indulge my contest. And so... I have posted a rare video of an alligator in its true habitat: Cypress Gardens, South Carolina. I have taken it upon me, as many a discoverer would, to christen said Gator with a new name. Listen carefully... and enjoy the thrill!

What a great prize!


Craig Barlow B. said...


heidikins said...

Hahaha. You have wicked awesome skills with paint.


Nasher said...

HOORAY!!! I WIN!! In your face Craig. I mean, tough call, could have gone either way.

But yah for me. :)

Crowther said...

HAHA I don't read much so I am glad you have a post with mostly pictures :)

Crowther said...

HAHA I second what Heidi Said.

Jaime (soon to be) Steele said...

You should give Pete his first kiss after the play! How romantical!