Thursday, May 19, 2011

I dreamed a dream in times gone by... (about the Contest I kinda forgot about until just now)

And then time just keep going by and SUDDENLY, it's the end of May and I have a promised contest to follow through with! Listen ya'll, sorry to keep you waiting so long (and I'm SURE you've had many a sleepless night wondering when I will post the contest to "Win a date with Andrea Cox... OR Jean Valjean... whomever suits your fancy"), but I've had stuff okay. And a few things. School is always one of the bigger things, and then I went to Charleston on vacation and THEN, I've been packing to move into a house like, tomorrow, so listen, excuses excuses but they's be legit. Patience is a virtue... yada yada yada. "But you yada, yada'd over the best part! No, I mentioned the bisque"(name that TV series!).

Here's a picture from Charleston though - just to wet your palette for that post.

Now! On to what's in it for YOU!

I've given some great thought to this - and have come up with a contest of epic proportions! I need to know that whomever gets these tickets will NOT only appreciate such a grand gesture a la moi, BUT, will also enjoy Les Miserables for all its amazing artistry, musicry, and other-rys.

That said...

Here's some rules/logistics/etc:

First, the show is at 6:00pm, Sunday, June 5th at Capitol Theater. So, don't go attempting to win this ticket and then text me the night before "derrr... I planned my vacation to Tibet a couple months ago and turns out I'm leaving tomorrow..." cause that will cause me angst and mostly annoyance. We'll call that Rule #1 - YOU MUST COMMIT! I realize by uttering that phrase I've just weeded out the majority of you. Excellent.

Rule #2 - Dinner is not required beforehand though those who offer said extravagance may get extra points. What? I'm GIVING you a ticket to Les Miserables - FLOOR seats! With ME! No I'm totally kidding. If we care to go eat we can do it Dutch. This is for fun ;) So no obligation dudes... OR chicks.

Rule #3 - You will not under any circumstance wear jeans, a hoodie, tennis shoes, gym shorts, beanies, or neglect to bath prior to said event. I'm somewhat of a cultural snob when it comes to performance attire and feel that at the very least you should attempt to look like you haven't been sleeping on the streets for months... or just came from a Rugby game... or rolled out of bed after 3 days playing Gears.... have a little pride in yourself, man!

Rule #4 -  I'd like you to be a man (as in the gender - not as in "don't be a wuss") - but hey - I could always use a few more friends so girls - you can go ahead and apply and I'll throw you into the pot anyway. Why does it have to be a man? Well, because this is my attempt at the continual battle to "put myself out there." I'm all about goals.

Alright - thems be the rules. NOW! Here's what you gots to do if you're still interested in attending Les Miserables with me on June 5th.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, May 27th. And if anyone knows me and knows where I work and the kind of English teacher I would've been and the kind of Professor I WILL be... then you KNOW I DO NOT accept late work.

Contest Itself
This contests consists of two parts: short answer and photo.

Short Answer
Merely answer the below 4 questions in one or two short sentences. Not so hard right? Why must you jump through this hoop? Well, it will help me gauge your desire to see Les Miserables as well as entertain me greatly. And I like to be entertained.

1. If you were sentenced to 20 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread for your starving family, what would you do to pass the time?

2. If you were Master of the House, which of the below would you offer to guests first and why?
     a. I would do out the charm! Even though I have no idea what exactly that requires
     b. I would offer a handshake, naturally
     c. I would tell a saucy tale!

3.  What would your Castle in the clouds contain?

4. What are you at the end of the day and why?
     a. I'm another day older - that's about it.
     b. I'm another day colder - because it won't stop RAINING IN SLC! FREAKING!
     c. I'm looking towards another day dawning

Bonus: When do the tigers come?

Alright! Go to! Be creative or correct, or both! And if this seems too much of an effort, well I guess you don't REALLY want to go now do you ;) I didn't think so.

Go ahead and email me a photo that says to me "I want to go! Pick me!" Again, I like to be entertained. Here are some excellent examples:

Or perhaps...


Here's how you get your pictures and answers to me:
First, you comment on this post by exclaiming "24601!!!" as well as your answers to the questions above. 
Second, go ahead and email me your cute little faces. Send 'em here:

Alright mes amis. I'm excited to hear your answers and see your pretty little faces. I'm ever more excited to go to Les Miserables and take one of you with me. All signs point to good times. Bon Chance!


Jaime (soon to be) Steele said...

I've never seen this and have heard it's a must! Maybe Scott and I will get to go someday?? I would love to enter your contest, but that's the day after my wedding and I"m pretty sure I'll be busy :-)

Andrea Jolene said...

Ha. You get a pass on this one then Jaime. But ONLY because you'll be newly married. Don't think that excuse lasts forever!! I will see you on Saturday for you shower!

Holly B. said...

24601 Beee-yotches!!!

Jessica said...

I love this contest, and I love rule number three most of all, it addresses one of my most peeve-inducing pet-peeves.

Jean-Claude said...

1. To pass the time i'd take up the banjo.
2. A. The Charm
3. Castle in clouds would contain adventures!
4. C. I'm looking towards another day dawning.
Bonus. Tigers come whenever the want? Answering your question with a question.

Scott said... could be a really kick-A wedding present for the two of us!! Just kidding, but not really, but yes I am...or am I??

Craig Barlow B. said...

Andrea, I just so happen to be in town from June 2-6. What incredible luck. 24501!!!

1. Naturally, I would get off on parole, remain bitter for several years, run for mayor, and then adopt orphans. During the bitter years I would learn to play Jazz piano, and wear hats.

2. (a) I would dole out the charm. I can't help but dole out the charm. I can't prevent myself from doling out the charm.

3. WIZARDS!!! Perhaps some other nonsense, like toys and girls and boys, but mostly wizards.

4. Well, I am the poorest human being alive, so (a), another day older makes sense, as that is all you can say for the life of the poor. But I prefer (c), because I like to think I'm an optimist...with a healthy pessimism. The sadder but wiser girl for me?

BONUS: At night, naturally.

Craig Barlow B. said...

Ummmmm...I think I accidentally typed "24501." On second thought,this was not a mistake. I simply wanted to give some attention to prisoner 24501, who has been shamefully neglected for decades.

But just to ensure I'm not disqualified - 24601!!!

Andrea Jolene said...

@Scott - Bwhahahahahaah! Good one ;)

Andrea Jolene said...

Oh you guys - you're just hilarious. Hilarious!

Nasher said...


First off, let me say how wonderfully gracious it is of you to offer this contest to win tickets to what I consider to be the best musical. It is certainly my favorite.

(To give you a proper mental image, here is what I looked like while I answered these questions:
1. I would like to think I would be that guy who earns a law degree behind bars, but let's be honest: that isn't going to happen. I think my goal would be to actually get a "six-pack" set of abs. I will have plenty of time on my hands to do so. Oh and I would also avoid getting shanked by any untoward individuals. As well as avoid becoming anyone's mule or *****. But let's be honest, I would probably end up looking like this:
2. Answer b. And it wouldn't just be any old hand shake. It would be the friendliest and warmest handshake ever. I would make sure to extend my other hand to grip their elbow or shoulder. That is a solid kind of handshake. I wish I could get more good handshakes. You can bank on me looking like this: or I certainly would not look like this: (that is just creepy). If chosen I have a great story about handshakes and Les Mis that I would be willing to share.
3. My castle had better have a big open field where I can play soccer, football, or ultimate frisbee with my friends. I need to be free. But then on the inside I would have the awesomest personal theatre where only my cool friends could come and watch movies. Oh it would also have a racquetball court. And a nice garden of flowers and vegetables.
4. At the end of the day, I am just a regular guy with an overly developed sense of grandeur (
Bonus: I don't know where tigers come from but they probably look like this: RRRaaaaarrrrr

To help sweeten the deal I am willing to wear my entire kilt ensemble to the event, should you require it.

This is the face I am going to make if I win: This is the face I am going to make if I don't win: In the event that I don't win, you should probably not tell me who did, because their life may be in danger.

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Nash

ps. I really like Les Mis and want to go.
pps. I couldn't find a place for this in my write up, but I thought it was funny:

Andrea Jolene said...

I find this contest suddenly becoming incredibly difficult! SO many fine gentleman... and one lady... who are more than deserving of a wonderful night musical extravagance! The drawing (yes drawing guys because listen - much like unto pioneers of old - I'd like to take all you - but that is now frowned upon in good society and I must comply with good society) will be held this weekend. Stay TUNED.