Monday, June 13, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is... and where loads of carboard boxes are NOT!

I've lived a lot of places since I was 18. What's ironic, I spent the first 18 years of my life in the same town, living in the same house. Since then, I've probably moved oh... over 15 times over 3 locations: Ephraim (Snow College!), SLC, Provo, and back to SLC. It's the nature of the single person to migrate from apt to house to mansion to apt to Aunt's basement in Taylorsville over the course of their young, mid, and yes, even later 20's. We're a nomadic breed whose roots can only be convinced of sticking by such things as marriage, buying a house, and also... marriage. Otherwise, as single adults we move for school, we move for roommates, we move for money, we move for the hell of it, and we move again just for good measure.

However, such movings tends to wear on a person. Wear on them real good. You hit an certain age (27! 27!) where you are ready to just stay put for heavens sake! And I am most definitely at that age. Moving for me used to be another adventure - but recently (say in the last 3 years and 3 places I've lived) I've about HAD IT. True - my expert boxing (the cardboard kind) skills as well as my affinity for being a minimalist have all derived from my many many MANY moving experiences. And though I feel these skills are valuable, I'm ready to stay unboxed and acquire a knick-knack or two.

All that said, I move last month! HA HA! I moved from a single bedroom wee apartment in downtown SLC to a house... a LOVELY house... an adorable house in Sugarhouse. Well, it's bordering on "Sugarhood" if ya know what I mean; but never the less. I moved into a house. My friend and now roomie Alex bought a house (roots!) and I, being the single person who first, wants to save more money because living alone is hella expensive, and two, is sick of living in apartments, moved in with her to help with the mortgage. A genius notion if you ask me: buying a house then finding a couple of suckers to pay it off with you. I have hopes that will be me by the time I'm 31. Yes, turns out I've now pre-planned to move. Alas!

I'd like to show you the befores and afters of our house. It's taken us about a month to finally get most everything in place and unpacked. Observe:

Moving Day

I've mainly shown you the living room, sun room, and my room. You can imagine the rest of the house was just as disastrous and albeit overwhelming. Looking at all those boxes would even give the calmest person an eye twitch. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house brimming with personality and quirks. That's just how I like my houses... and my men ;) Brimming with personality and quirks.

Now for the "afters." Prepare to be awed!

Moved IN!

And there you have it! A run through of the basic enjoyments of the new and lovely house... plus scooter. Doesn't Holly (that's the Scooter) look right at home? She sure does! All teal and cute with her little tire saucily tilted to the side. Aw. I hope you enjoyed the e-tour of the new house.

And there you have it. It's not the entire house, but it's a good majority of it. There will naturally be a house-warming party for to christen said abode and many parties after that. Alex and I are both HUGE fans of parties and even BIGGER fans of HALLOWEEN! The greatest holiday for the greatest parties ever thrown! And you best believe we'll be putting that Zombie door to use... shudder. 

I also vow here and NOW Internet, I shall NOT move again. No! I shall not! Unless one of the following things should happen:

1. I get married (snort.. ha! I'm solid for at LEAST 5 years)
2. Alex gets married (more likely... but not SUPER likely in the next year? Hopefully?)
3. I move away to get a PhD (Snort again! At LEAST 2 years)
4. I buy a house
5. The Zombies in the basement rise up and eat us...
6. The Zombies in the basement rise up TO eat us and in our epically violent struggle to free ourselves from their grasps, we burn the house down.

I'm going with #3 as the most likely scenario. Here's to ROOTS!


Kathy said...

Not only awesome but awe inspiring!!! Now that you are such a pro at moving, best places to live in the valley and room mates and all...any suggestions on available apartments, or guys you can recomend who are looking for a room mate, etc? My son is applying for an early release from the military so he can go back to school in the fall and finish up his degree in linguistics. Course there is that little side trip to Italy he'll be taking first, you know before hitting the old grind stone and all! He's hoping the army gets a move on and cuts him loose some time in July.

naomi said...

argh, how come you move into a house and it looks like home in 2 seconds and I've been in my house for a year and it still looks like your BEFORE picture. Looks great

Michele said...

Oh, it is so cute! You two have lovely decorating skills. I love quirky old houses. I would love to have a house with personality and quirks. You are a lucky girl (minus the Zombie door - FREAKY!).

Holly Harris said...

I totally dig the scooter's name. Back in the day when I had a Vespa I named her Charlotte. Love the apartment, very cute!

Marisa Jean said...

Super cute! I wanna live there--even with the zombies downstairs.