Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grammatical Vindication

Please see previous rant on Oxford Comma usage... or LACK thereof!


Michele said...

I LOVE it! It drives me crazy when people choose the "without" option. I just want to yell at them "You're doing it the wrong way!"

Nasher said...

My personal favorite comma statement is:
Let's eat, Grandma!
Let's eat Grandma!

ROXY MARJ said...

Andrea! I too am a fan of the Oxford Comma... actually, I confess: I am a fan of comma's EVERYWHERE! Do you know that there are a million and more orphaned commas!? I took it upon myself to adopt them all and insert them whenever I can, in, my, writing! No comma left behind!!! - Roxy Marj!

p.s. I wish I was as grammatically well written as you. That is something that I have learned to embrace....that I will make people cringe all over the world with my poor...poor writing skills... *tears* lol But I am totally serious about envying you!!!