Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spiders and Me

I HATE spiders.   Spiders are like little pieces of death wrapped in scary.  Even if a spider was like
I'd be all


Jaime Van Hoose Steele said...

Haha! Agreed!

Michele said...


Where's the "like" button? Heck where's the "LOVE" button? This is my favorite post to date. I LOL'd and LMAO'd!

(Love your art work! Especially the 2nd picture.)

Andrea Jolene said...

Ha! I wish I could say it was MY artwork. You check click on the first sentance that will take you to the actual genius that came up with it! And then read a few more of her stories because they are ridiculously hilarious.

Michele said...

Oh, duh! I didn't even notice the link... I was too busy laughing at the dead spider (especially with his little leg broken off) and the "little pieces of death wrapped in scary." I just loved it because I TOTALLY feel the same way. Stupid spiders!

And you are so right! Way funny blog.