Friday, November 11, 2011

What's that? I've not mentioned my watching of the X-Files in awhile?

Well I'm so sorry! I know how much you enjoy my obsession of yester-year coming back to haunt my blog posts. Sometimes it's good to remind yourself why you liked these sorts of things when you were younger. And even more interesting is what you see them for now - years hence. I'd say that my revisiting of the X-Files with my more molded 28 year old brain vs. my 16 year old brain has brought some new enjoyments and insights into the mythology and magic of this unique series classic. It's also a good gauge of how much you've progressed (or not) changed your perceptions (or not) and how you internalize things differently (or not). What indulgences of yester-year have you not thought of in awhile? Are you a Trekkie? Did you love Xena Warrior Princess? How about your love of Full House or Home Improvement? Give yourself the gift of nostalgia this holiday season, why don't you? Dig up those simple things that used to take you places that only those truly good stories really could. It's why we love these things isn't it? It's why we obsess and discuss and hold forums and blogs... so we can talk about things more than the mundane. So we can escape the ho-hum of everyday. I think there's some magic in that... and a little medicine as well.

Somethings, will always remain the same. It's worth conjuring up the same excitement and curiosity. It's also nice to maybe go a little Freud on yourself and figure out why these things so appealed to you as much as they did. A little insight for me? I've always admired and even worshiped strong women. Scully... Xena (it's true)... Dr. Crusher (little Trek in there)... there's a pattern here. And the pattern is strength and confidence and kicking the crap out of someone if you need to and proving your mettle through your mind rather than your hips. I don't think that's such a bad thing to admire, is it?

Our adoration's of yesterday offers us an escape from the every day and reminds us of what we once were.  Enjoy a mini-chick flick moment whether you were an X-Filer or not. It's still worth an "Aw."

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