Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's talk about Halloween

Yes, it's November now. What happened to October? I ask you! It's always a little bittersweet when October ends - it being my favorite month of the year and all. But it also means other such fantastic holidays as Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us! So it can't be all bad to have October end. PLUS! I've also been watching the Walking Dead Season 2 and that will help me keep Halloween in my heart for several months hence.

THAT said, here's some pictures of my October Shenaniganizing. That's, Shen-an-igan-iz-ing. I'm a Shenaniganizer!

Thirller! Every year for the last 4 years I've gone to Odyssey Dance Theater's production of Thriller at Kingsbury Hall. I love it. I love all the great pieces they bring back every year and I always look forward to the new ones they inevitably integrate. I also like any opportunity I get to refer to a performance, writing, or art as a "piece." Makes me so fancy. "Yes, dahling it was a moving piece... a real snapper!"


I've already discussed how October houses one of the greatest events all year - i.e. my Birthday. BUT! It also houses the SECOND greatest event of the year - All Hallows Eve! That's Halloween to the slow person. I love Halloween. I love Halloween like I love a good book or glitter or Agent Mulder. Or a glittery Agent Mulder reading a good book. Oh stop me!

Why do I love Halloween? There's probably a few reasons - some psychological... some psychotic... and others just plain obvious. Lets start with the obvious: DRESSING UP! I guess that could also fall into the realm of psychological as well. The appeal of "masking" yourself and becoming someone (or something) else for an evening is liberating. Perhaps why there is so much shenaniganizing that goes on on All Hallows Eve... the moon is full.... the ghouls are out... and everyone disregards their inhibitions in favor of some bloody make-up and nylon fairy wings. Under these disguises you can do and be whatever you want - and it may surprise you WHAT you actually do or want when you're not accountable to your own face.

Plus I really love playing with hair and make-up. I'm such a girl.


My roomie Alex in her HOMEMADE (that is correct sir!) Robot outfit and me as the wee Tinkerbell. Guess what? Guess what??! I "made' my costume too! Right? Okay... so Alex sewed the hard part (that would be the elastic waist band for the skirt) but I, dear friends, did the "characterizing" - meaning I cut and fitted my shirt, shredded my skirt, bought the wings, and did one wickedly awesome job  fluffing and glittering my hair. It was something spectacular to behold.

Robot doing the Robot - naturally

He's white. No really, he is. I find this costume to be the most "social experiment" worthy as I was very much reminded of the novel Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. John is a white man who essentially becomes "black" as a social experiment. He artificially darkens his skin in an attempt to understand what it was like being a black man in the Southern United States in 1959. I'm curious how such an experience would be different (or the same) now. As for Eric's costume - it just looks AWESOME!


Us again? Well we look so stinking good!

Thinking Happy Thoughts! Example: I hope I don't break my ankle attempting to get this flying picture.

Who is the man under the full body suit? No one KNOWS!


We asked Lance what the video would be when we pushed Play. I think we ruined the ride with that question. His expression said, "Isn't this awesomely creative costume enough?" No, Lance. We want you to dance. Dance monkey!

Zooey also attempted to get in on the fun. She got a little carried away with the webbing. Silly Zooey.
So there you have it. A little this and that about why I love Halloween and mostly - a picture heavy post showing off some of this years best! Halloween comes but once a year, and it's important to do it well and do it right. I think we managed both.

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Jaime Van Hoose Steele said...

Next year I'm going to put more than a mornings thoughts into my costume. Spartans are awesome...but we could have awed everyone so much more!

Ps-I love the Halloween season with the spooky good times! It's the second best Holiday of the year! (sorry nothing beats Christmas)