Thursday, March 15, 2012

An ode to Spring... or Blondes have more fun... or... Bored with ma'self

I'm no stranger to trying various colors and cuts upon my ample amounts of thick dishwater hair. I've gone short, super short, grown it a bit, cut bangs and grown out bangs; gone dark, super dark, red, strawberry, and caramel. I like getting my hair done-did and feel that it's something that "I can always grow out... or always dye back" which thought process has been responsible for most of my courage to chop, dye, and grow. It's just hair, after all.

However, over the last couple years I've been trying to you know... do something "different." This started with a massive chopping last summer which was heralded as an excellent choice, almost visionary, by those who beheld my Emma Watson-esque look... ish.

I was alright with the super short and felt I could carry it off just dandy. Not to mention it was ridiculously easy to do in t minus 6 minutes from wet to out the door. To maintain the "shortness" of it though - that was a bitch. However, for that same year or so I've been growing more and more jealous of long tresses. Being a wee person of 5'1, I would likely never let my hair grow much longer than my shoulders simply because I think it would overwhelm me. I'd look very cousin IT. And not necessarily because of the length, but because I literally have mass amounts of thick hair. That isn't a complaint, as I am aware of any woman out there reading this and "harumphing" because her hair is average to thin "You're lucky" she scoffs with indignation, "I have thin horrible hair!" Well the grass is always greener and second, I am aware that thick hair is desirable - but that doesn't make it convenient, manageable, or cheap to maintain. Never the less, I am happy I have thick hair... even in it poofiest most unruly state.

THAT said. I made some "growing my hair out" goals you were made privy to in January. It was one attempt to produce a resolution that could be easily obtained... or at least... not failed by default. I'd have to actively fail to grow out my hair. It was a goal that required me to do nothing... which come to find... has been a little harder than you'd imagine considering the various stages of poof and mullet one must slough through to obtain such a goal. A pair of scissors is mighty tempting on a particularly mullety day. Alas.

All that said....

In conjunction with my long hair goals; I suddenly felt being blonde was the next natural step. Everyone who says "oh... you're a short, dark haired girl..." only furthered my resolve to declare "Says WHO! Maybe I'm a long hair blonde girl! Huh!??"  HUH!

So I found me a picture...

and started the journey (taken with my phone... in the dark... so... sorry).

I also tend to lighten my hair for the Springs and Summers so the timing felt natural (bad dum chi!)... almost... meant to be. I'll let you know if blondes have more fun. I will say, perhaps I never would've participated in a political rally against the ban of sex-education in schools had I been a more contained and pragmatic brunette. I guess I'll never know...

To the right... yeah... via the Des News

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Jessica said...

So cute!

I'm regretting not joining the protests last night- I live so close and the proposed legislation is just. so. ridiculous. Good on you!