Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I like it when the Engine roars.

I have a white 97 Saturn. It's done me some good. And by good I mean it's continued running for, oh, the last 3-4 years. There's not much more you can ASK of certain vehicles, especially having been a poor struggling student, then a poor unemployed member of society, that it runs. And the Saturn runs...rickety most of the time, shaky at about 70mph, makes funny grind grind or screech screech noises for no real reasons, but never the less, carries on. There was one time I thought my Saturn was possessed by demons. There was much in the way of light flickering, sometimes lights not turning on or off when commanded, and then sparking out all together. The main troubles with my Saturn have consisted of electric issues. One boy once put it, "Huh, you're lights are out - it must be an electrical problem." Cute those boys, aren't they? :) So cute.

However, on an Easter trip down to the land of Emery County, my car had finally had it. I've been unemployed for the last 5 months and thus have not been able to give it the maintenance it so needs and rightly deserves! No full service check ups, no changing of tires for the winter, cracked windshield, many of the afore mention light flickering and dying issues, as well as things like "crazy swinging drivers side door that cuts your leg off if you aren't quick enough to pull it in as it swings precariously out of control due to lack of door stopping device/hinge to maintain it", and my running into our garage wall (it's at a really bad angle to try and enter and really small!!) things of this nature. However, if the threat of imminent highway death isn't enough to try and pay for these things to get fixed, getting a ticket for not registering said death cab is. My car will not pass any sort of "city folk" inspection, but as far a "country folk" inspection goes - I'm gold...or I will be gold when I've left it in Emery County for a week to be diagnosed and healed. This plan was solidified when I let my little brother, 15, drive my Saturn home from Grandma's house in Emery to our house in Huntington (40 minutes of darkened country highway), and we got pulled over because my tail lights were out. He's 15!!!! Big swear words were said - however, boy getting his learners permit in one week. ONE WEEK! So we figured meh....what's a couple of days officer? Officer was nice. I got the citation for my freaky car light blinking problems and as an added bonus, also got to drive with my hazards on the rest of the way home. Freak show, freak show, freak show, freak show....sang the hazards to every passing car, "What's wrong with that thar car? Why the hazards? Slow down Cleatus...we don't wants to be part of whatever devils be in that vehiculer." any rate....

My brother Seth is in the Caribbean right now. I know. He deserves punishment. However, this means HIS car has been sitting at home in E County for a couple of in since October. He doesn't want anyone to take it because well 1. He's paying for it still 2. He needs something when he gets home 3. He doesn't want a bunch of miles on it and 4. I will wreck it. I probably won't wreck it, but it's like I would bump it into something (garage anyone?). That's my luck...and his. However, with the Saturn on the brink and Taylor's information now prematurely in the hands of local law enforcement, the time has come to take Seth's car for one week, and finally leave mine to be pampered. A week at a "spa" for the Saturn. Seth drives a two door, Dodge, something or other. It's a stick shift and...wonder of actually GOES when I press the gas. Not only does it go, but it ROARS into a SPEEDY frenzy and I can pass cars left and right! It's SO COOL. I love to hear the engine:


The end bit was me laughing in an evil, somewhat testosterone like, manner. Fella's I totally feel it. That thrill of going fast...cruising in the ride....weaving in and out of local Provo slow SUV traffic and basically retarded BYU J-walking freshmen. The joy I feel when I don't have to worry if I'm going to have enough juice to you know, make it up a hill, or drive in the left lane, is irreplaceable! These are the small joys I've been missing for years of driving a gutless possessed wonder...oh, that I'm very grateful for of course (crossing self). I just like it when the Engine roars, that's all.


Crowther said...

So I thought this was going to go somewhere, but alas nothing. A big build up and then you end it with no car being wrecked or damaged or even just broken down :( well I guess enjoy the small joys in life.

Crazy Walker said...

Did you take it to Ye Olde Wards 4x4? They did wonders for my little truckeroo! The truck has long since passed the ways of the highway and is now some young 16 year old's dream car, but ah the memories of the headlight popping out like a dismembered eye!

Our cars went 6 months or more without, can you say police magnet? We were even pulled over in Park City. The lady that pulled us over had a swarovski crystal blinged out clip board. Super trendy!