Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Okay - no more Clinton, McCain, or even Obama. Here's a real reason to VOTE!!!

Alright, time for a new haircut. I have two choices set on the table for consideration. I took a pic of a pic ;) from a magazine that is a little more edgy, a little shorter, and spouting GREAT summer colors. The color is a win - but what about the cut?

Choice 1

I've also included this more conservative but flirty, hippie, and "aw" look in contrast to the "edge and angles" seen in pic 2. SO! Come on Internet friends. If you care about my future (and yes this does mean dating future particularly ;) ha), tell me what you like best, what you don't like at all, and why I should go with one or the other. Now this is something worth VOTING for EV-Er-Y-ONE!! Deadline is Friday at 2:00pm - for by then I will be on my way to a "tooootally new do." :)

Choice 2

Wait wait - no listen! Don't choose the one YOU like best - choose the one you like best for ME :) After all, it is all about, and whomever has to look at me.


Mike & Emily West said...

Great choices! Really, when you mentioned you were going to cut the locks off I had envisioned something a little different but I gotta be honest, both these pictures are better than my limited imagination could invent. is my vote: I am actually a huge fan of the flirty flip BUT I think you could maybe do that with the bangs and color from the first picture. You know, a little combo going on?!?! Of course it's totally what you think but you are one of those adorably cute, little petite things that can TOTALLY pull off the flip WITH the bangs. Anyway, so there you have it...I say you do a little combo. Well...I'll see ya at work!

Rachael said...

Considering I have to look at you everyday....I say go with number 1. I love it! Its fun, oh-so-cute, and daring. You'd look great in either one though. How exciting, we're now blog friends (:

Crazy Walker said...

Because I am a registered Republican, my vote counts more than everyone else's (especially in Utah [I really had to just throw that one out there, because I noticed you're an Obama supporter])and I choose #1. My brother-in-law's girlfriend is a cute little petite thing like you are and she rocks it. Yay for new hairdos!

(PS. Either of these choices would be fabulous.)

heidikins said...

Um, number one, all the way. The second looks (i'm sorry!) a little too, uh, preppy/cheeky/ditzy/like-totally-ohmygaaash-seriously-like...

Ok, I'll just come out and say it; in MY opinion, option 2 looks too BYU.


Hester said...

Em - Oooo, the combo? You are crazy!

Hedikins - Thank you for keeping me inline...#1 it is. I can't be too BYU...shudder

The Sevy's said...

I like them both but I really like choice number one for you, so sexy, chic and stylish. Post pics after so we can see your cute new do. I'm sure it'd be fab no matter what you choose.