Saturday, March 29, 2008


Alright. So, I cut my hair and it IS SHORT! Okay, I realize that the two options I asked the Internet to choose between are both short...well, more like shortish. I went with #1. When it comes to hair I don't have many qualms taking a risk. My hair is thick and grows quickly. So I figure if I want to vomit after getting a haircut - at least it will be back to "normal" in a couple months. THIS haircut, I'm torn. I think I like it. I'm pretty sure I like it. Which, let me tell you, is already a good sign. Normally I hate my hair the first week I get it cut - any cut - by anyone. It doesn't lay right, it doesn't "do" right, it just kinda takes it some time to "come into its own." All that said, this is the shortest I've ever had my hair - and I knew it was short when the hairdresser, BUZZED my NECK! Buzzed it! I like running my hand over the little sprigs where the buzz took my neck fuzz, it feels pretty cool, but I also feel naked and lets admit it...a little "old." I want it to be "cut, hip" short, not "mom" short. Oh, there are bangs involved too. BANGS!'s product. What do you think?

Worried Face Me - Now I think I look more like a British Man
Attempt at sultry side angle
Buzzed Neck!!! (and I have little neck freckles. Who knew?)
Side profile...this is the momish side I worry about (mostly cause now, I do , in fact, look exactly like my mom. ..whom I love...but oh dear.)
Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow...(t least in the back...she BUZZED it! Buzzed!)


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I'm a fan :-)

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In the words of the outdated Borat phrase, "Very Nice!"