Monday, March 3, 2008

Winter - you are finished!

That's right. For me, winter is officially over. It's done. I've HAD it. HAD IT! I'll take no more part in it. In my rebellion against cold temperatures that continue to fend my darling warm weather off every weekend, ever other day, over every brisk evening - I've decided I will no longer acknowledge these pathetic and desperate attempts to squeeze out one more frigid wind gust, one more ice storm, one more back chill or goose-bump. Mr Winter has had his day, and it is finally over for me. I've put away the snug-Uggz, the wooly sweaters, and the puffy coats (I look like a little burnt marsh mellow in that thing), and have started digging out the blessed flip-flops, the casual skirts and dresses I so adore donning in the summery months, and the light "Spring" jackets. I'm putting my socks, my tights, and my closed toed shoes (well not all of them) away. I'm going to start running outside, scheduling picnics in the park, Frisbee throwing fests, and planning my Saturday afternoons under large trees with a good book and a good boy for company. T-shirts, light chino's, OH! Sun-kissed hair (a little lighter for the summer months I think), a hopefully more bronze glow to my skin vs the transparently white pallor it has become, less make-up, and even parking a little further away than I have to from various edifices just so I can enjoy the weather for a moment. I'm hitting the gym more and the Starbucks (mmm, hot liquids) less. Lemonade, Kool-aide, and ice-water will replace steaming hot chocolate, herbal tea's, and cough syrup. Instead of hearty soups and rolls - a light salad or sandwich, please. Bike rides, Sunday evening constitutionals, the smell of BBQ's and sprinkler water - long siiiiiiigh - yes, winter has had its day and I am breaking summer in a week before Daylight Savings Time. OH that blessed blessed day! How do I love thee? In so so many warm ways. In fact, I think I will have a very summer party in celebration of one hella long and miserable winter finally, FINALLY, coming to a close. I just wasn't ready for it this year - and with the lack of funds to make winter bearable (read snowboarding, snowshoeing, or plane ticket buying to warmer climate), it's been a veritable frozen hell. I feel that everyone has their ideas of what a personal hell would be like - some it would resemble a windowless cubicle, others a never ending lecture in an asbestos ridden classroom a la OSH building on UofU campus (true story), some perhaps an eternal testimony meeting in a freshmen singles ward (or really any singles ward), me - this year - it would be the promise of an endless winter; frigid, sickening, and shivering forever. Shudder. I like the idea of eating fire (that's for you baby) vs. ice cubes at the moment, "and the days are LONGER there!" (Sorry - abstract reference...I may or may not explain someday. Or maybe someone should explain for me?)

So take that winter. You're officially ignored, unacknowledged, done, packed up and put away in the back of my closet, wadded up and stored at the bottom of my drawer, forgotten, expunged, foregone, reduced, ceased, closed, completed,  settled, finalized, closed off, wrapped up, done for, finite! and officially (perhaps delusionally?), FINISHED. Good longer days and shorter nights to you! 

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heidikins said...

Hate the weather, want it to be permanently warm, not this teasing coquettishness that is going on right now. Boo! Hiss!