Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Werewolf? Er...what? A....Werewolf?

I'm about to revel how completely 100% nerdy I am. I know I know - this whole time you've found me to be somewhat witty, clever, occasionally cynical, but logical and even, dare I say, in very few instances bordering on cool. Well, not really cool...but at least not completely lost to the world of Dungeons and Dragons I like that...Star, like that, Greek Mythol...ah, Xena...ahem, Harry Pott...well, damn. Check it out. New X-Files Movie interview with Gillian Anderson (No I did NOT go searching - someone EMAILED it to ME!) - I think something a-slips out! Or at least...if it's not denied, it's confirmed. The Truth is Out the full moon?

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Crowther said...

That Gillian Anderson is one hot red head