Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee: "Wow...that was sexy!"

It must be noted that last night while playing Ultimate Frisbee with a weekly group comprised of mostly dudes and a few chicas, I made the sickest catch ever! EVER! By sickest I mean best, awesomest, outstanding, freaking sweet, etc. Go ahead and insert any of those descriptors that best conveys to you the gravity of skill and awesomest involved in the catch I made last night.
Now, playing co-ed sports and being a girl, you have to prove to the dudes you can hack it. Being a short girl playing co-ed sports you REALLY have to prove to the dudes you can hack it, or you'll never be set, passed to, or allowed to bat. Also, after having to prove yourself a competitor, if you screw something up it takes DOUBLE the "awesome moves" to redeem you from said one tiny screw up. No, it isn't fair, but that's how it is, and so it goes. If ya wanna play with the boys, ya gotta show the boys you gots the skills.

I've honed my Ultimate Frisbee skills to an art. An ART I tell you. Well, meaning I've learned how to throw decently. I've always been able to run and catch, but throwing I only just learned last year. There's technique involved! Skill! A lot of wrist! Flicking! And quick decisions. What's really awesome is I'm realizing that though I felt only slightly competent when I was learning to throw from "a professional" (seriously, having watched a lot of other players now made me realize how seriously good my "coach" was), I feel pretty stinking good when throwing with average frisbee enthusiasts like myself. Sure we have that "one guy" the throws like he was born with extra flick in his wrists and the precision of Superman, but mostly, I'm on par with most of the players I play with... and happily most players are dudes (ha.. insert double meaning of "player" here). It adds a sweetness to the whole thing when you can chuck a frisbee better than a dude. Ha! Stupid dudes. I'll show you "scoot up."

On to the sickest catch of all time...

Picture if you will: I was running running running, headlong for the end zone and my team mates were bringing the disc (that's the "professional" term for frisbee... that's right... I'm using jargon) up the field quickly. One such super aiming sweet throwing dude gets the disc and turns to see me giving him the "go ahead and throw it to me NOW!" eye and he does just that. But what ho? Frisbee... er Disc is a great deal more ahead of me and "close behind" dashing opponent than I or Super thrower expected; but there's hope, for though it's a low quick long toss, it is curving more my way than "away from me" way. Translation: there. is. a. chance.

Running running... reaching reaching... disc is 7... NO.... 5 inches from the grass! It's so close! I'm so close!!! Opponent is on top of me!! I'm lowering my body closer to the ground in full sprint... reach out my short arm... grasp at the disc in a desperate effort... hoping its curve continues towards me just a smidge more.... AND!!! CATCH! SMACK into the ground! Fall into volleyball roll and pop up on my feet! What the?!? Where am I? Looking down. The disc is in my hand. One handed dive bombed awesome CATCH of COOLNESS!!! I completely surprised myself. At this moment I'm about 1 foot from the end zone so amid the "what the... how did she... did you SEE that?" comments from my dude opponents, I catch the eye of the other "just a girl" on my team hanging out in the end zone and lightly toss it to her. SCORE! We rock. Chicks rock.

Everyone is clapping and high fiving and one dude on my team, a football playing super fast athletic dude, says... almost reverently... "wow... that was SEXY!" It was, wasn't it? Super sexy and super awesome. I felt pretty freaky awesome about myself the rest of the game and played the better for it. I also got a lot more passes from dudes and made a few more decent throws. But it was that one sexy catch that allowed this shorty girl to prove herself able to hang with the dudes. Sexy is definitely the word for it. It was one sexy catch.


Just a thought... said...

Awesome! Short girls rule which makes ...tall dudes drool!!! Too bad someone didn't catch the moment on video. That would have been amazing to watch.

Marisa Jean said...

That was a sexy catch. One time I intercepted a catch during an all-male-but-me football game. I didn't get quite the response you did. Just got tackled. I'm Impressed!

heidikins said...

This is 14 different kinds of awesome.

Love it!

Go Chicks!