Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Very First Pedi. Mwah. Cute.

It’s true my friends. I’m a country girl with country living in ‘er. Don’t do none of them pedee-cures they have now’a’days. No sir. I just dip my toes in cow poop and call ‘er a day!
Alright not true. If any of you questioned whether I really did dip my toes in cow poop, I actually didn’t… and don’t. I’m also not much of a country girl. Ha ha. Yes, I’m from Smallest of Small Towns, Utah. Yes there was a time when, as my roomie Nikelle describes it, I looked “country.” But really, after being a “city folk” for many a year now (and always knowing I wanted to be a city folk) I’m probably more just your every day urbanite now than I ever was a country gal. I don’t even like 98% of country music. Blah. Though, sometimes, my “countryness” still comes out, as in the instance of having never ever gotten a pedicure in my life. Apparently this is quite the scandal, and at age 25 too! Who knew?

Along with “country folk” naivety; I’m also not much of a super girly girl. Yes yes, I bath myself, do my hair, wear dresses and skirts, own an article of pink clothing or two, but not in an over the top super girly kind of way. I’m just a girl (Gwen Stefani). Pedi’s always seemed super girly and a little over indulgent to me. Sigh… I’ll come out and say it… I thought they were a waste of money. I mean, I can clip and paint my own toesy’s – and I do! Why would I pay someone else to do it?

Well, here’s why. Because it’s AWESOME. It’s not entirely the polishing that is “worth it” but the whole enjoyable experience. There is soaking and sugar scrubs and leg messages and of course, your toes look a bazillion times better than you could EVER have done yourself. Ever. You just don’t have the proper angle or steadiness of hand. No one does. That’s why you pay someone to do it for you. Other than haircuts, it’s the most indulgent thing I’ve ever done. And since haircuts for my super heavy hair are more a 6 week necessity than an indulgence, I don’t even count those. Pedicures though – OH! It’s no question I’ll be getting one again… and again… and again.

Another pedi personal note: This weekend was my mom’s Birthday, and she ALSO had never gotten a pedicure before. Now, this is a tad stranger because she is a girly girl, and has 23 years on me (gasp! I didn’t tell anyone your age mom! I can’t help it if they care to do the math!). Sure she rocks the biking and kick-boxing; but mainly she’s a girls girls girl. So having not gotten a pedicure seemed more scandalous for her than for me. THUS, for her Birthday, we both got our first pedi’s. And we both enjoyed them thoroughly. I spent the whole day and much of the next just admiring my toes. Would you like to admire them as well? Alright.. here they are… So my friends (of all genders and ages) if you’ve not experienced a pedicure yet, why don’t ya’ll go on down to your local seelon and done get yourselves one? You hea? I seen ‘em for $30 bucks at “Nailed.” Durnit! That be where I pert-near gots my toes done-did. Shewoot. They done nice work. Real nice.


Bamaute said...

OK, it might not be too manly, but I love getting the pedi...someone washing and rubbing your feet, the whole massage chair thing...can't beat that action

Andrea Jolene said...

Oh, I think it's very manly! Man expected you might even say! Men like to be rubbed.

The Sevy's said...

How funy I got my first pedi about 2 weeks ago, so enjoyable!

cheryl said...

I loved it and can't wait to go back. Thanks again. Also thanks for telling eveyone my age. It's not true though I am not that old.