Sunday, April 17, 2011

Almost there... so close

A little something for those of you who are sick of my school laments. LAMENT! LAMENT! But I'm close. So very close. That's why this little video is appropriate. It illustrates how close I am!

Though I must add... I keep forgetting I still have two classes in the summer to take before being "officially" graduated. Psh. Details. I mean, I'm walking in graduation this Spring, AND I'm handing in my MRP (Major Research Paper - it's a "thesis" in disguise) AND... one of my classes is literally only 3 weekends long. Those two classes will be a walk in the PARK after this semester. The Park I tell you! A walk! In IT!

View the Video... and join in the hope of being almost there.


Vina said...

Awww I love that movie!! You are the best!!!

jaime said...

Yay for school almost being over!! You will actually have time to hang out again!!

Jennica said...

This song runs through my head incessantly during the last few weeks of school. I love it! You can do it! You are almost there!

Andrea Jolene said...

Jennica - right on! I also want to note that Amos Lee has finally be rescheduled. August. AUGUST. I don't know if he will hold a candle to your performance, but I'm looking forward to seeing him try.