Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Of course the white dress wins..

Alright everyone. I agree, the white dress below IS gorgeous, perfect, beautiful.. and $200. $200!! I'll probably still go try it on and pine over how much I want to buy it while thinking about all the other sensible things I could use $200 for... like food, a car payment, and another 20 rounds of Boxing is for Girls.

It's a hard life.

In other news, I did buy THIS number from Banana Republic at 40% off. WIN!

Alright. Back to work all of you!


Nasher said...

That dress looks better than the white one, but I think it gets a bump because of the 40% off thing. You will look good in that. Well done!

Marisa Jean said...

I think that is arguably just as cute. And can I just say, are those girls legs real? Because they're so think they can't be.

Andrea Jolene said...

Pete - thank you sir!

Marisa - she does have wee chicken legs.