Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I just want you to know...

FIRST - that I LIVE! I do. But you may not hear from me for awhile... a good long while... as school is in full blown heady massive harry gooey widespread roundhouse kick SWING and I will be buried in eye twitches, academic journals, bibliographies, and major research papers.

SECOND, I want you to know - that SCHOOL WILL NOT DEFEAT ME! As illustrated by this picture.

Carry on.

Look for me around May 7th. I'll be the one in CAP AND GOWN! GRADUATING! Well, I'll be walking... still have a little capstone class to round out. But that's kibbles and bits compared with the meaty wooley mammoths I'm chawing through now. What great imagery. Right? Hells ya.

1 comment:

Michele said...

I will miss you! Kick some major school butt! Can't wait till May 7th. Yay!