Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Running on the Road to Resolution Success!


It's Day 1 (remember how yesterday didn't count as "work-on-resolutions-day" because it was a Holiday) of working on my resolutions and I've made a very big step in the process. I don't like to waste time. When I set a goal - by golly I'm going to accomplish it! Why, just last year after setting my "gum chewing" goal I immediately committed to never leaving the grocery store without a pack of Orbtiz Sweet Mint gum lovingly purchased and deposited into my purse. And I never did... mostly... and look where I am now! Setting and accomplishing worthy goals left and right... and with the sweet minty freshness that is my chewing gum addiction.

Therefore, I'd like to report a few steps I've taken MERELY in the last day to ensure that my success is as resounding as last year.

First, I bought prenatal vitamins and have taken two already! TWO! How's that for accomplishing goals!! Wait, what does this have to do with my 2012 resolution list where the words "baby" or "marriage" or "dating" makes not even a sliver of an assumption of an appearance? Well duh. Growing my hair like Zooey Deschanel of course. Snort. All you sexually active people think YOU get to take all the good pills like birth control or prenatal vitamins? Get off your high horse. We prudish single types can take them too.

I have high hopes. My roomie J told me that she had been taking them and had noticed a difference in hair growth and texture. THEN, while hanging out with Sister-in-Law on Saturday, SHE said that she'd noticed her nails and hair growing faster as well. Granted, she just had a wee one (what's that? Do I have another PICTURE? OF COURSE I DO!)...

....and she said that though she had cut 6 inches off her (thick, gorgeous, shiny, dark) hair not a few months ago, it had already almost grown out to its original length. With such testimonials, how could I NOT go to my local Target and by the store brand prenatal vitamins for $9.49 / 100 count bottle? I had to.

And now I have visions of my hair looking much like the below come Spring.

For reference. Here is my hair more or less how it is now. It's a little longer now actually but you get the idea. Thus, when it looks like Ms. DesChanels, my accomplishment will seem all the more worthy of praise. Praise not in the Nobel Prize sense maybe... but in the "that must've been really annoying to grow out" sense. Even as we speak I'm getting all mulletty. Ew. All for the cause.


Michele said...

Guess what? I have taken a prenatal for about 15 years. My hair and nails are super weak without them - I totally swear by them. I think you will definitely see a difference. You can even get the super potent ones from your Dr. (prescription only) - they rock!

P.S. I love that all the ads under this post are for Hair Restoration. LOL!

Andrea Jolene said...

Ooooo Perscription only! Fancy! Yet again another testimonial to the enjoyments of prenatal vitamins!

PS: That's pretty funny.

Jaime Van Hoose Steele said...

I think I should look into these pills. My hair and nails could use a boost. Plus I'm married so it looks more natural for me to be taking them. You single weirdo!

Marisa Jean said...

Good for you. I took per-natals for hair, skin and nails once, too. Took the whole dang bottle and I didn't see a lick of change in any of those areas. So I tried another brand and took that whole bottle. Still no change. By the third failed attempt, I gave up. But I think I'm backward that way. My genes have issues. I'm sure you'll have success.

Andrea Jolene said...

Marisa - ha! I'll let you know how it goes. My hair tends to grow kind of quickly ANYWAY so it may just be same same. Poofy. A lot of poofy.