Monday, April 7, 2008

It's APRIL for heavens sake!!! Why? WHY!?!?

I took these videos/pics from my office window at BYU this morning. I used the office camera (thus the weak pixel quality) for I did not have mine with me. I mean, how did I know I was going to have an opportunity to take a picture of a bloody blizzard in bloody April with bloody gragantu-flakes coming down en masse, destroying my dreams of spring flowers, flip flops, breezy summer nights, and Popsicles? EH????!?!??! Grrrrrr...

Pay no attention to the springly dressed girl in the window reflection, rather look at the poor sucker walking outside in the blizzard.

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Jacob Jensen said...

I hate spring storms - and that is coming from a guy who loves the snow! When it comes to late March and especially April, it is just time be done with the white stuff. Sorry you are all still covered in it!