Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sweet Sweet Redemption!

She's gone. Kristy Lee Cook is gone! I'd like to personally thank America for coming to their senses and realizing that first, she's no American Idol (pageant winner yes - American Idol? NO!) and secondly, she never EVER should've made it as far as she did. Between Brooke and Kristy - Simon said Kristy's time was up. To this she responded "Hey, at least I made it to the top 10" which Simon predicted she wouldn't. And honestly - she SHOULDN'T have! I maintain the only reason she did was because she sang "I'm Proud to be an American." That saved her skinny arse for awhile - but you can't keep tricking America - we eventually figure it out. Thank goodness we finally did! PHEW! Goodbye Ms Kristy! Find yo cowgirl self a nice young farmhand to court, get married, have babies, and sing in church services and church services ONLY!

A few more American Idol notes - I think I'm done with sweet sunshine Brooke. I thought she was cute and adorable at first - and of course a shout out to her LDS persuasion - but I'm done with her now. She's a little "much" for me...a little too baby cute toes and rainbows. Makes me a little candy-sick to think about really. She's had a decent run, she's oober talented and likable...for awhile, but the time has come. Think of it this way though Brooke dear, your LDS singing/song writing career is concrete! I don't want you to go Gladys Knight of course - because really, there's only one Gladys Knight - I'm thinking more of a Peter Brienholt future for you. I can totally see that! I expect to see you performing at the new big BYU-Provo EFY event for years to come! Headline: Fireside Speaker John Bytheway (wow, he's on Wikipedia!), featuring singer/songwriter Brooke White. So thanks for the memories - but it's time to really think about your focus audience - and they're all in the greater Wasatch Front area.

Lastly - American Idol Predictions.
  • David A is going ALL the way. How cute is he sitting down in the middle of the stage rather than succumbing to Hollywood's sick trick to try and make him cause a scandal by CHOOSING which grouping of Idols was going home. PSh! Take that Seacrest!
  • Next Weeks Bottom 3: Brooke, Syesha, and Carly. Sigh - and the shame is Carly. I really like her - but in superficial America, there's no way a cool down to earth, tattooed, Irish lass is making it all the way. Does she know what kind of boppers WATCH this show? Oh wait...
  • Out of those 3...hmmm...toughy...but I'm saying it will be down to Syesha and Brooke - and Brooke will go.
  • David Cook's head looks like an egg standing on its point. This isn't a prediction - but a worthwhile observation. He's a funny looking egg-head.
  • Jason Castro seems like he'd have a smell - and I'm over him too. He's got such a cute face, boy's gotta get rid of that hair though. He won't go all the way either. I feel he's a contestant that gets mixed into the shuffle - and will soon be forgotten. I forget about him already.
  • Syesha should try for America's Next Top Model. It would mix things up because she's actually gorgeous. Have you SEEN the chica's on this seasons show? Shudder. Not the cutest puppies in the brood. "Fierce" - but noooooot cute.
Alright America - there you have it - my American Idol theories, thoughts, and most importantly thanks that you've all finally realized that Kristy Lee hung on way to long, and the time had finally come to say Adios! You've redeemed yourself America. Now don't screw up again!

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