Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gummi Request

So... super boss says that his daughter gets them at the Meijer Thrift Store in Michigan. However, the gummy bears aren't listed on the website THUS, you must befriend someone who lives near this thrift store (or have a super boss who has someone who lives near the thrift store) that will go scoop large bags of these delectable gummys out for you and send them with the sort of love that can only be woven between those who appreciate fine chewy candies.

And my friends... these are fine chewy candies.

Would you like a sample? Maybe I'll send you a baby bag. Maybe. A little bag.



Just ME the MOM said...

My daughter lives by a Meijer, I may have to suggest she pick some up for me! Sounds delicious! Love those gummies!


Just a thought... said...

Oh yes ...please, please, pretty please!!!

Drae said...

We shop at Meijer's grocery store every week. Are they there or is it just in the thrift store? I don't know if we have a Meijer thrift store, just grocery. Thanks for the info.

Just a thought... said...

I decided to google Meijer's grocery stores to see if there was one near me. After all ...I do live in Sugar Land, TX! I was even willing to drive 20 miles to find one. Unfortunately, it appears that I live in the wrong part of the country and it would take a lot more than 20 miles to be able to feast on their delectable gummies. But those of you who live in IL, IN, MI, OH or KY ...enjoy! And eat a gummy bear for me.

Marisa Jean said...

Love that gummy deliciousness on the Comm's desk. Glad my walk is just about 25 steps a day until my tastebuds are dancing with joy. Mmmm!