Monday, February 1, 2010

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

WELP! To rememdy a rather long and disappointing weekend - I did what any sensible girl would do - I went shopping on Saturday bewteen reading about Public Human Resource Management and Environmental Case Law (wake up you! This post isn't done!).

Generally when I 'therapy-shop' I hit up the regulars: JCrew, Anthropologie, Gap, Aldo, Nordstrom, Barnes and Noble, Target, Barnes and Noble... these are the places I enjoy purchasing things. Or at least trying them on and bouncing around the dressing room for a couple hours (in the case of Barnes and Noble I sniff them. True. I smell books... I love the smell of books! No, you're weird!).

However, this 'shop-therapy' concluded with my owning something large, black, and shinny. Something I'd been contemplating for awhile - but hadn't really committed to buying yet. Something any respectable LOST fan would truely consider if they wanted to feel the full force of the final season of this ridiculously addictive show starting TOMORROW NIGHT!!

What is it?



32 inch, Toshiba, LCD, flat screen, TV.

Siiiiigh. Isn't she beautiful?

Now listen, I've never been one for gadgets or gizmos or electronics. I'm pretty content with basic things. I mean my phone is the 'free one with the plan' and doesn't do any fandangled anything but make calls and receive them (perhaps I should take a chapter of 'how to be cool' from my grandparents book). The most high-tech thing I own is an IPod.... and a car... (Hyundai Elantra)... and a Kitchenaide? Sooooo... buying a TV is a huge commitment for me! Many times I look at the price of TV's and compute how many books or Anthro dresses or plane tickets I could buy instead... and then go do that. However, this Saturday was different, this Saturday I needed empowerment! I needed relief! I needed to blow some CASH! I needed a 32 INCH TOSHIBA!!!

And that's what I got.

I also signed up for Netflix to commermorate the event... and subsequently fell into some self-reflection about how buying this piece of electronic awesomeness really solidified me as a true adult. A working professional! A young American! Long passed are the days of "hmmm... SHOULD I BUY oranges? Produce is so expensive!" Now I buy all the produce I want!! I will even buy things I WANT and don't necessarily NEED... I'm beginning a life of independent luxury... and my Toshiba is the gateway drug.

Also, I want you to know the first show I watched the minute I hooked up my new friend was Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow on TBS. I'd never seen it because I was sure it would scare the crap out of me - but it was so vivid and rich and the oodles and oodles and oodles of gushing blood was so BRIGHT, I sat through the whole thing - scared and happy and entranced and freaked out all at once. It was a rather emtional roller coaster. I watched Disturbia with Shea LeBoef (love) after that and pretty much hid under my blankets the whole night. So worth it.

In conlcusion! This particular 'therapy-shop' was a HUGE success and when I sit down to LOST tomorrow night with a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and Lila the cat at my side, I will truly feel being a dateless single (aka young professional)  isn't so bad when it's in HD. When Dr. Jack is in HD. Mmmm, not so bad at all.


Just a thought... said...

OMG! How did I not know that lost was starting up again tomorrow? I guess I was so blown away by the whole ...Henderson (Utah)punching out Emory (BYU) that I lost track of everything else! Thanks for the update!

Andrea Jolene said...

Elbowed. He elbowed him ;) snicker. Not that I'm support it. Nope!

Just a thought... said...

Actually no ..."Henderson smacked Emery with the back of his fist during a dead ball with 34 seconds remaining. Emery fell to the ground as the sellout crowd in Provo's Marriott Center loudly booed Henderson, who was ejected. He will also be suspended from their next game with Colorado. Under Rule 10, Section seven, Article two, a fighting infraction results in an automatic one-game suspension. As such, the Mountain West Conference will not punish Henderson further and considers the matter closed, according to the Salt Lake Tribune." I've watched the replay multiple times and he did indeed hit him in the face with a closed fist. Seriously, it was the first time I've felt embarrased to be a University of Utah alum.

Andrea Jolene said...

Oh yeah for sure. No one would ever support such an action. But it's the same story - someone is always fighting with someone. It's the rivalry - no surprises here. I sit in the Muss and there is plenty to be ashamed of. I worked at the Y and went to several games and there plenty of things to be ashamed of. We just have to remember that it's individuals and not an entire insitution (unless you're Max Hall - then it is the entire institution ;))

heidikins said...

Um...I thought "Gateway drugs" were things like the expensive cheese, or organic cage-free eggs...not flatscreens.

Hrmph, shows how much I know. ;o)


Marisa Jean said...

Nothing like "feel better" shopping. I do this frequently, and while at times I have buyers remorse, it always makes me feel better in the end.