Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30 before 30 : I've got everywhere to go!

I got this little idea from my clever friend ‘heidikins.’ You remember heidikins.  The very heidikins that introduced me to the lovely VNSA booksale and also the same heidikins whom I doubted when she suggested we needed many an empty carry-on and a 4:30am wake-up call for said book sale. Reiterate: clever heidikins.
So, she told me of this list ’30 before 30’ she was making and I immediatly asked permission to copy-cat. Clearly, as indicated by the title, '30 before 30' means there are 30 somethings (recipes? First dates (please, Lord, no)?, lbs? ) to be had, lost, or experienced before the age of 30. As Americans… or humans really… not sure why I would exclusively attribute this to Americans, we tend to utilize age as a timetable for accomplishing particular life goals. “I will retire by age 40! I will be a home-owner by 35! I will have run a marathon by 28!” And so forth.

This age-defined timeline in which 30 somethings must be accomplished is, “30 new places to visit by age 30.” Naturally, the 7-11 on 4500 south does not count… I’m taking travel my friends! Destinations! 30 of them before I’m 30 (which nauseatingly, is only 4 years away… 3 years 8 months to be exact… I think I puked a little in my mouth just then)! Genius right? And quite a hefty goal (should've thought of this last year) – but one I’m going to set because first, it seems like a fine goal to set and traveling is on my top 'how to make life good' list and second, Oprah says if you want to make something happen, you need to set a goal and  then write. It. Down! Or at least that sounds like something Oprah would probably say… I cannot prove she’s actually said it.

Moving right along…

I’ve picked a lot of these places in ‘clumps’ – meaning areas I can visit in one trip rather than a bunch of separate trips – which makes no sense. I mean 30 separate trips before 30? That’s just crazy talk! Pricey crazy talk.

Thus with no further ado, I’d like to present… determinedly… my list of:

30 Places to Visit before 30 (in no particular order)

1. Thailand
2. Vietnam
3. Cambodia (you better believe I’m counting those 3 as separate places in one trip! That's a huge undertaking!)

4. New Zealand
5. Australia (best New Years fireworks in the WORLD!)

6. France (yes so I’ve been to Paris… but we’ll go other places in the France too so it counts)
7. Greece (childhood fantasty)
8. Turkey (since I was jipped out of it two years ago)

9. Maine
10. Boston
11. Washington DC

12. Seattle (not Forks… shudder)
13. Portland/Astoria (Goonies never say die!)

14. Hawaii

15. South Carolina – Charleston

16. New York City
17. Canada (Niagra Falls par-tic-u-lar-ly)

18. Escalante National Park

19. Mexico – somewhere

20. Chicago
21. Nauvoo – Church trip!

22. Grand Canyon

23. Havasupi, AZ

24. Bear Lake, UT (it’s true I’ve never been)

25. Lake Powell (again.. truth)

26. Yellowstone
27. Island Park, ID

28. Italy – (just Italy... for I plan on taking this one with a man... ambition!)

29. The Bahamas

30. Florida (particularly the new Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. Awesome!)

So there you have it! I can tell you that numbers 1-4, 15-17, will likely be checked off this year. That’s right! Getting two major international travels already checked off. I’d say I’m off to a good start. Oh… and slight disclaimer… you should know that 30 by 30 means I get my 30th year to polish off the list. It’s when I turn 31 and there are still danglers that I fail. So… make note. Year 30 counts.

So what about you? Any "x before age y" formula’s you’d like to share? Mm?


Just ME the MOM said...

You've got me thinking here :) I just turned the big one (the really big one . . .) so I'm thinking creatively here, 10 before 60 would be fantastic, (10# off in the next 10 years) but I think I need to shoot a little higher than that . . . now 10 before 60 (10 races, 5K, mini try's) that might do the trick!


The Sevy's said...

Good for you, quite the undertaking there my friend! Better get busy ;)
As for me and my x and Y formulas,hmmmmm... something to think about

Andrea Jolene said...

Just - 10 races is a good one. I'm trying to decide if I want to make a goal of running a full out marathon before... I die. Ha! That gives me PLENTY of time ;)

Crazy Walker said...

Andrea, my in laws are in Vietnam right now. They have two schools they've built there. They might know of some orphanages that would be worth visiting (if you wanted to do that kind of service thing on your awesome vacation) if you wanted to take toys or something. The pictures they send are amazing. They also say they are melting their butts off. lol. I'll see if I can send you some pics.

That's a great goal to have, and I'm really impressed. They look like phenomenal places, and I have no doubt you'll see them all before the 3-0!

Marisa Jean said...

You are ambitious. if only money grew on trees I could totally make a list of 30 of my own. Instead I'm shooting for Europe for my 30th birthday gift to myself, and that still seems far-fetched. Good luck!

Andrea Jolene said...

Melisa - Yes! I would be interested in helping at orphanages for sure. You'll have to give me some details as it gets closer. Which it is... getting closer!