Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gummi Bears! High Adventure Beyond Compare!

So, my super boss (like my bosses, bosses, boss) gets these delicious gummy bears shipped in from some factory in Michigan. Why does he do this? Well naturally because they are the BEST gummy bears in the WORLD! And I will happily support that claim because they really are, in fact, the best gummy bears I've ever eaten. Ev-er.

Anyway, the super boss mentioned to us today that he had gotten another shipment of these crack-bears and we should partake of them. My co-worker and I decided to immediatly leave our desks and grab a handful of these addictive little creatures for our mid-afternoon pick-me-up/hit. In my gummy induced euphoria I started singing the Gummy Bears theme song. Oh the childhood memories! What a perfectly themed song to a perfectly tasting snack!

Well, after several repeated versus of "Gummy beeeeears... bouncing here and there and everywhere!" my co-worker felt she needed to convery her skepticism that this song and subsequent show evern existed (apparently she thought it was a side-effect of the gummy bears). I immediatly set out to prove her wrong!

I submit to you non-gummy bear believers - the theme song from Gummi Bears the cartoon! C/O 1986-1992(ish)


Cory and Michele said...

I believe! Now that I see the 'theme song', I actually remember watching the show. That was a blast from the past.

And they are the best gummi bears ev-er!!

Drae said...

I loooooved that show growing up! Of course it exists. I never realized what a great message it has. Ummm.. so where does your super boss get these gummy bears in Michigan? We only live like 10 miles from the MI boarder and I love gummy bears. If it's not far away, I'd like to take a road trip destined for the best gummy bears ever.

Andrea Jolene said...

Drae- you better believe I am finding out for you right at this moment. Alright, I'm finding out for you AND me. Add us to the LIST!

Just a thought... said...

My kids loved this show when they were younger. I would love the chance to order my very own case of yummmy Gummies!

David Hulet said...

Not only does this show EXIST, it's an essential part of recapturing one's childhood, and thus should be OWNED: