Sunday, May 25, 2008

Common Sense - Life or Death Situations.

I was driving to SLC on Friday. My Memorial Day weekend included hanging out with old friends, doing some excellent shopping (I bought the most amazing dress from Anthropology - pics to follow), eating in some excellent local eats, and watching an excellent film. These thoughts were occupying my mind as I drove down 3th South - a small residential road. Right before the light at the intersection of 3th and 9th East - there is quite the winding turn; one in which if there are no approaching cars from the opposing end, it's best just to drive in the opposite lane for a moment to even out the ride. It's one of "THOSE" turns - slow way down, crawl around the windiness, and carry on with your drive. Also boarding this turn are some local residents parked cars - right there on the street. It's prudent to make note of these cars when you are spindling around the turn as to not side swipe them. The point is - it CAN be a precarious turn, one in which you should pay attention.

WELL! As I was occupied with my thoughts and approaching this turn, I behold a baby carrier sitting on the "road side" of a vehicle parked near this curvy turn. Odd - I thought...and thought nothing else. Because really, there couldn't very well be a wee CHILD in this road side, curvy turn of danger and death. I continue to approach the area, slowing down because there was many a car curving around the residential area - and notice that there is a woman rummaging in the trunk of said parked car with road side baby carrier. I THEN - upon closer car to pedestrian inspection, realize that NO, in point of fact there IS a wee child inside this baby carrier located on a rather precarious bit of ROAD, ROAD!!! ROOOOOOOOAD!, busy with Memorial Day drivers, and with "mom" rummaging in the trunk not paying attention to the fact her CHILD is on the ROAD next to cars going 30mph. I gasped (and possibly swore) out loud. Are you serious? REALLY?

There's nothing I could do but drive with my mouth open - ranting in my head about "some people really shouldn't be parents." It was "Brittany Spears driving with her kid on her lap" all over again. I don't have to be a parent to initiate common sense when it comes to helpless children and their safety! That's why the ADULTS have the kids - because adult minds are presumably smarter than infant minds and thus should make more stable decisions for them until they develop the capacity to not CHOOSE the side of the road as their napping spot. Seriously - common sense really could save some one's life. And some people just shouldn't parent children.

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Gina said...

Wow, I'm the first to leave a comment! So many possibilities of things to say for this glorious moment...
I'm glad you didn't hit the baby. That would have been careless. Maybe you should write a book about what not to do as a common sense parent!