Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Presenting! La La Lila...

It's really just Lila, but I liked the La La. It's like she's being sung "Oh la la la Liiiiilaaa!" Beatles. Very Beatles.

Anyway! This is Lila. What? You thought I was KIDDING about getting a Kitty? Mid-mid-life crisis my friends! If there's anything that defines a mid-mid-life crisis it's "follow through" - duh. The roomies and I found her at Animal Ark in Orem. There were 5 kitties there for our consideration - and we stroked each one of them. We started withe the short-haired orange tabby, moved on to the creamy poof ball and his partner, the brown poof ball, both males. And finally settled on the white poof ball with the blue/purple eyes and quizzical brow. So help me PURPLE EYES! It's true. I also had the name Lola firmly planted in my mind - so I'll admit I was looking for a kitty to match the name. (I lied about the Vote - but not for the Scooter. The Scooter can be voted upon I promise...ahem).

After we got her home Lola kinda naturally morphed into Lyla...and then Lila considering her "lilac" eyes. Aren't we clever? We also feel Lola is too "glamor" something from "The Hills"(don't nooooobody want to be from The Hills) but Lila - Lila seems much more down to earth. I won't have a priss, high maintenance kitty snobbing around the apartment. I'd rather have a spunky, earthy kitty snobbing around the apartment. And she does. She's so cute! Her wittle face and her wittle feeteys! So tute! I'm pretty pleased with the purchase and my allergies haven't flared up one bit - so that's a good sign.

Any hang-ups? Well, she pooped on my bathroom floor this morning. That was nice (blat!)...but she DOES pee in her little box - so I don't get why poo'ing would be different. I'm glad it was on the Bathroom floor - however - and not somewhere it could soak into the fibers. Febreze (I could write an entire post on my love of Febreze)! I'm sure I'll be buying a squirt bottle to enforce "NO Lila! NO poop on the floor! Poop in your box!" I'll keep you updated. Mostly, I wanted to present her to you...and here she is...

She's bookish! It's right then I knew we were meant for each other.
She's Quizzical! Meow?
She's Content.
She's a little possessed. DAH!
(Stinking red flibbitygibdigagrumble...bug...)
If we can gather anything from this post -it's that I'm well on my way to Crazy English Professor Cat Lady "All I need are my books and my cats...what more could one hope for?" I'm pretty optimistic about the whole thing. I also have been given sole guardianship which means when the roomies split - she's mine! MINE!


naomi said...

Her tail cracks me up. Its like she sat next to the ginger cat in Animal Ark for too long and started osmosizising him or something. osmosizising. yes

Kristin May said...

OKay okay... I stalk your blog. I admit it. I think you are hilarious, and I love working with you. That is all.

Crowther said...

HAHA well good luck with the whole Crazy book reading cat lady thingy ;)

Grimm Family blog said...

Ahhh very Cute! Love her already. Don't worry I climbed on the crazy cat lady train about 2 years ago. They are so fun, easy and cute. Enjoy! Love her, love her, love her!