Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally - something worth time and money

After many many many bad failures of cinematic defeat I've subjected myself to the last handful of months - finally FINALLY something pulls through. Not to mention a surprising pull through at that!

Ironman. Excellent film! I didn't have expectations. I realize Robert Downey Jr. is in it - but even then - I've been bombarded with such cheese ball hero flicks as Spiderman 2 & most especially 3 - the first THE HULK - not to mention...(and I really don't want to mention it because cleaning vomit off a keyboard isn't fun) Jumper (blat!), how could I expect something balanced, creative, dare I say witty, action packed, and not overwhelmed with a "tack-on" love story with a "tack-on" actress (note Katie Holmes in Batman and what's-her-bad-actress-face in Jumper (hack! Keyboard duster?)). It really was fantastic! Robert Downey Jr was excellent! Of COURSE he was! He's not Hayden Christensen (barf! Sigh...Clorox wipes anyone?)..thank heaven. There's only ONE of him - but we could do with a few more Robert-esque performances in our trend Comic-hero flicks. I was also in a movie depression because of a string of poor films I still feel cheated from. Violated even. 10,000 BC is another such movie mentioned on "craptastic film of the year" list. I won't mention the other...again...because dry heaving is worse than actual vomit.

This weekend I have more high hopes - and Ironman has restored my faith in Hollywood productions again. The next installment of Narnia opens this weekend - I'd like to see that soon. And I've been Jonesin for some Indiana for who knows how long! My cravings will be assuaged next weekend with the new Indiana Jones Movie! Boo-ya!! I don't know if I've mentioned my yearly yearning for a little Indian Jones action (watching and otherwise - what? Mm.). Ironically no one (MOM!!!) has PURCHASED me said adored trilogy for my snobbish movie collection YET. Now the prices are going to be jacked up and when I BUY IT FOR MYSELF I GUESS - folks will think I've just jumped on the renovated band wagon. Not True! I've been on that wagon for a long long...long long...long...long time. The new Batman is ALSO coming out and can I tell you, God rest his soul, Heath Ledger scares the living HELL out of me in those previews! That's going to be pure genius!! And also a little nightmare-ish. I didn't think ANYONE could do the Joker like Mr. Nicholson, but I have beaucoup psycho-pathic expectations for Heath's performance. If you're going to be remember for something - it might as well be your bitchin' portrayal of a freakishly unhinged sociopath clown. Really - what more posthumous aspirations could one have?

Uh...side note - went to movie with that boy from work who I mentioned in the blind date post's comments and who read the comments. Cough. AWK-Ward. And is (maybe?) reading this now - so I thought I'd give him a HOLLA! :) Great movie choice - and a lot of fun ;) Condone.


meg said...

I sure the fact that you have a blog...and that it is going to suck a handful of my day... thanks a freaking lot!

Crowther said...

Yeah definitely a GREAT movie! Also another one to mention is the Incredible Hulk. I know what every one is thinking, but this one is definitely not the first, this one has REAL actors! Edward Norton, Tim Roth, and not to mention Robert Downey Jr, which I am sure is just a cameo as Iron Man, but He is still in there. Also what I have heard is that Edward Norton is kind of heading the project, so I am expecting good things. (wow I am really plugging this movie for some reason. I guess its because I think there is still hope for the Hulk yet, especially with one of my favorite actors in it, Oh and not to mention LOU 'FREAKIN' FERRINGO!!!!!)