Friday, May 23, 2008


I wasn't tagged - but I found this and thought "Oh what fun!"

What I was doing...

10 Years Ago: Hmmm, 14. Finishing my 8th grade year - getting ready for 9th grade. Because that's how my orderly mind functions. 8th grade - well naturally 9th grade should be next.

5 Years Ago: Well - I was 19 just finishing my first and last year of Snow College. Graduating with my Associates and looking for apartments in "the big city" - Salt Lake City - where I'd start attending the University of Utah that Fall. I was scared and had a big headache from the pollution. Ha. It's true.

5 months ago: December! Working at a temp job and Banana Republic. Wondering what in the world I was supposed to do with my life at the time if teaching wasn't supposed to work out. Wondering why I moved to Provo - missing my friends in SLC, aaaaaand probably going home to Huntington for Christmas.

5 things on my to do list today:
  • Run (ideally...ambitiously)
  • Nap (I hope I hope)
  • Read
  • Drive to SLC
  • Shop Shop Shop. I want some shoes

5 Snacks I enjoy
  • Jr Mints!!!!
  • Nibs!
  • Sour Cream and Onion Pringles
  • Crumb Doughnuts
  • Diet Coke - Mmmm, I could go for that right now.

5 Things I do If I were Suddenly a Billionaire
  • Pay off student loans - Huzah!
  • Pay for brothers college education
  • Travel Travel Travel - Europe, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Seattle. I really want to go to Seattle this year. Who's in? Anyone? I'm thinking the week of July 4th. That sounds like fun right? Lets do it - Billionaire or not!
  • Build Schools in Poor Communities and supply qualified passionate teachers...focusing mainly on 3rd world countries. Education is key to a successful society
  • Buy a new Honda Accord; candy apple red, sun roof, leather interior, OnSTar (if anyone needs OnStar it's a direction impaired sap like myself) I don't have extravagant needs - just practical ones.
5 of my Bad Habits (uh oh...for those who are under the impression I'm practically perfect in every way - stop now. Now! STOP!)
  • I likes damns and hells. :) Buuuuut only when well placed...
  • People Pleaser - I'll pretty much do anything anyone a sucker
  • I am really ornery when I'm hungry. Like- my sarcasm turns to disdain and I develop a general hatred of the world.
  • Talk too much - ramble ramble ramble
  • Like to be the center of attention - weird I know. Who would've thought that of ME!??! ME! LOOK AT ME!!!
5 Places I've Lived
  • Huntington Utah - Holla!
  • Ephraim Utah - Smells like Turkey!
  • Salt Lake City Utah - Boo-ya!
  • Provo Utah - uh....jury still out :)
  • Er...London, England for 6 weeks. Yes, I want to count it. Let me please.
5 Jobs I've Had
  • Assistant Front Desk Assistant TO the Front Desk Supervisor at BYU Independent Study - Currently
  • English/French Secondary Teacher
  • Barnes and Noble Bookseller (I LOVED this job! If the pay was decent - I'd seriously still be there)
  • Aaaaand Refund "Specialist" for 3.5 years in SLC - thanks for the memories. Cough. Good old student jobs.
5 Things People Don't Know about Me
  • I'm a Democrat - mostly. Moderately. It's taken time to come to this conclusion after much research, discussion, and thought. Plus Grandpa wouldn't have it any other way.
  • I've only kissed one person. WHA!?!?! Okay - most folks prooooobably know that - but it's rather unique I think. I have a personal bubble space - and I have to REALLY like you to let you in. I've warmed up a lot over the years though. Not so Ice-Queen-esque. And hey - getting over the hump of #1 definitely makes me more open for #2...#3....4....ahem.
  • I appear to be a complete Socialite - and as much as I do enjoy people - I like to go home and do my own thing alot: read, exercise, clean, run errands.
  • I love going to the movies alone - loves it! I get there at the time I want, sit where I want, sip what I want, and leave when I want.
  • I don't want to settle in one place all my life - I want to move around every 5 years or so. I feel like there's so much for me to see and just not enough time to do it!
That was fun. I wanna tag folks I tag Heidikins, Laura, uh....Rachael!, Emily, aaaaaaand Naomi. Do it. Do it now. I'm at work too and I did it. What?

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JenKneeBee said...

I love going to movies alone too. It's so relaxing to hit up a matinee and sit in the back.