Monday, May 5, 2008

Mid-Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-life crisis. It's a common diagnosis for those in the "noon" hours of their lives - the mid-day of a hoped for 85 years of life. Usually a mid-life crisis happens in the 40's, perhaps early 50's, when you come to the stark realization that you're life is half lived. It's a time to glance back and see what you've got to show for the first half of your life. Have you done those things you've always wanted? Are you where you thought you would be? Many times - you'll feel you are running out of time - that those things you've wanted to do or see your whole life have been consumed by every day life: job, family, education, finding your place in the world. What about those 3 months bumming around Southeast Asia you've always dreamed of? What about owning that really sweet 1970, Candy Apple Red Camero? Have you ever been to Disneyland? New York? Owned a fluffy poodle named Lola?

Well friends, I think I've hit a Mid-mid-life crisis. It's true. I'm 24...25 in October - and I find I'm feeling antsy, angsty even, worried that I've not done all those things I thought I would do by the time I was 25. Okay...I actually don't know what I thought. Honestly - I feel mostly on track: have the BA degree, have a FT job with benefits, living and working on my own (even if it is in Provo - cough), trying to plug through the limbo years of single 20 somethings, and those making big decisions that will affect the rest of my life. I didn't think I'd even get (nor did I really want to) married until I was around 24-26 (you see how I REALLY don't fit in in Provo now don't you?), again, I feel things are going...okay. Not exactly as planned - but still pressing forward. They are still on-track-ish. So why do I think I"m in a mid-mid-life crisis. The following pictures illustrate:

I think this is a subconscious manifestation of my need for loyal companionship...and I've just always really wanted a Kitty and don't really know what I"m waiting for. I WANT! I will GET! There will be a naming contest of course so look forward to that. Well, there will be a VOTE rather. I'm thinking names like Mr. Bingley, Lola (fo real), Ruby, Zepporah (that's for you Moses!), Sophie, or William.

I really really really can't afford a car - nor the gas to put in the car. SO, I am getting a Scooter. The logic is as follows: it's summer and I have always wanted one, less gas, small payment, time to save for a GOOD car instead of another POS, aaaaaand chicks on Scooters are hot ;) EH?
Cons: Rain. I can't go to SLC when I please. That last reason makes me want to vomit. I love SLC and it's a great relief from"rigors/culture/weirdness" that is Provo sometimes. BUT, I have to save, I have to sacrifice, and really - a bright red Scooter is pretty awesome, no? Again - there will be names to present.

So there you have it - a Mid-mid-life crisis that includes a red Scooter and a Cat possibly named Mr. Bingley. I can't wait to see what happens when I'm 40! Especially if I haven't taken that Southeast Asia trip yet....mmmm, Southeast Asia.


heidikins said...

So excited about the scooter!! Love!


Crowther said...

LOL So many problems... Why don't you get a dog? You don't want to end up being the weird cat lady down the street. Everyone has them and no one talks to them just about them. As for the scooter you should do it. Or just start riding your bike around for the next few months. spend no money on gas and no money on a scooter and thus you save more money over all for a car. Plus not to mention the great exercise!

naomi said...

I vote Mr Sprinkles....
Also, Scooter was the name of a freakish, eastern european dance band. They pronounced their own name as: Scooo-tahhh. I vote you do the same. Are you getting a red scootahh?