Monday, January 12, 2009


The final step for my MPA application for the UofU is complete. Finally. And I'll tell you what - I was very worried.

Today I took the MAT or the Millers Analogies Test instead of the GRE. If there was any way to avoid the GRE (read Math portion) then for heavens sake I wanted it! I bought me a MAT study guide back in mid-November to start the preparation process. At the time, I was living at my Aunts and working all day. It was hard to keep my eyes focused on studying when I was so tired - but I tried - for about two weeks.

Then I stopped. Not intentionally, but I just couldn't find the time or the motivation to study anymore. Work had me traveling to St. George (which is where I am CURRENTLY) and I started working at Barnes and Noble at night. I was stressed out because I needed to find somewhere reasonable to live, and everything kept falling through. I was gaining some pounds because I had to eat out all the time - and basically - feeling rather miserable does not connote good study habits. I had some emotional stresses to sift through and it was just beginning to build. The MAT was not on the priority list - though it desperately needed to be.

Even when things started to somewhat look up - I found a house to live in and moved - and I got to see some old friends. Still, moving is stressful, Barnes and Noble kept my nights occupied, and even now an emotional explosion or two had to be thrown in for good measure. I decided that when I went down to St. George (as in right now) I would take the MAT at Dixie State College and just hope and pray for the best. This weekend was supposed to be fairly stress free and laid back - which helps when mentally preparing for a test you aren't prepared for at all. Kinda a - detoxification. Ya know?

WELL, some unexpected emotionally crippling rounds later, I walked into the testing center today rather tired, still a little stressed, ready to be gone from St. George and back to SLC (dreading that I still have to come back here one more time...shudder), and extremely worried that I would not even remotely pass this test with any score resembling graduate school quality. I sit down...and begin.

Not that bad. Huh...not that bad at all. That stupid Kaplan study guide FREAKING me out with it's obscurely hard practice questions. Psh.

Gets a little worse. Okay, well I expected it would get harder. I hung out with my friend Steven this weekend and he should know that I got many a medical/anatomical question on this test right because of his fascination and thus tendency to get overly excited and talkative about the anatomical structures of the human body while we're hanging out. Scapula, Steven? Yep...used it. Pulmonary and Respiratory? Yep...had to know that relationship. Tibia. Yep. Had to know that too. See? I do listen..and retain..and utilize. Gold star.

Then, test gets impossible. Crap.

I finish...barely.

They give you the score right there - right after you take the thing. I hold my breath and squint my eyes. Maybe if it's blurry it won't be so bad. It's only an hour test and really - it was awesome to completely focus on something else for awhile. School, tests, reading, playing music, and sports (which I got to play some great volleyball on Saturday - oh it probably saved my life) takes me out of my head full of stresses and confusion and hurts, and lets be relax for awhile. Even if a bombed the test - that hour of freedom from my own thoughts was blessed.

My score is posted. What the? Huzah!!! I got above average! At least as the raw score of the freaky test known as the MAT goes. Snap! I was hoping to breeze by with a 60 percentile and that was on a prayer and a hope. Above average means I got at LEAST in the 75 percentile. Wow! Yes. I mean - in school I was one of those kids who exploded when they didn't get in the 90th ranking - but college made me realize I could tone it down a bit. And for a test I didn't have the mental capacity nor the prep time to get ready for - shoot I'll take it!

So that was a blessed moment of light in the midst of a rather rough St. George trip. Well that and it's 60 degrees outside. Bwah! Take that SLC! Wallow wallow wallow.

I am relieved to have the test over with. It was the final requirement on a long list of requirements for MPA admission. And now that it's done - school is the incredible light at the end of a dark tunnel. Being able to have progress in my life, focus, and agenda, SOMETHING to count on, is what this program is for me. It's going to keep me going - keep my focused - and keep my stable.


Mrs. Cheeseball said...

Sa-weet! Congrats! Good stuff....

Jacob J. said...


That sounds about like my test experiences in grad school (minus all the life trials you had to endure). You know... start out strong, lose motivation, then hope and pray that I score well enough to pass.

I am just glad you will be getting another degree from the U! I love that place.

Marisa Jean said...

Whoot! Whoot! Nice job. About your 75th percentile, sounds unreal to me. I was always the kid in the back of the classroom that was happy if I got above the national average--yeah, I still am wondering how I made it through college. But maybe, just maybe if I associate with you long enough, I'll be able to go on for the Master's I so desparately want. THis is turning into a journal entry/sob story. Sorry.

Just a thought... said...

Congratulations! I'm proud of you and I don't even know you!!! Go forth and make my alma mater proud!