Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions (aka Really Original Post I'm Sure No One Else Will Think Of)

Come on ya'll. It's January 1st! Of COURSE I'm going to talk about New Year's resolutions. Duh. I won't bore you with the sentimental blather of "Oh it's a New Year...a New Beginning"...okay I might. I feel like 2008 was probably the most...intense year I've ever experienced. So many incredible ups and downs - so many difficult lessons thankfully learned - refinement - maturity - phew. Yup. I'm pretty glad 2008 is over. So let it be written, so let it be D-O-N-E - Doooooone!

SO! That SAID! Here they are. New Years Resolutions. Expect the usual...

  • Healthy Living - duh. I have a crock pot now and have lately become obsessed with vegetarian meals. Though I've not had the "kitchen freedom" to cook to my hearts content - since I'm finally moving into my own little place again - I'm going to be a cooking crazy! And I want to eat to feel good - not just look good. You can post that quote in your kitchen on a cutesy home made plaque if you'd like. I want to cook a lot. I really like it. I'll predictably throw in exercise and drink more water in here too. Who doesn't resolve to exercise? But I'm a fairly consistent exerciser so I'm not TOO worried about that one. I like me a good sweat. Guys like a chick who can sweat. Sexy. (ahem)
  • Learn 4 new piano songs - one of which includes mastering Pachelbel's Cannon in D. My new roomie has a piano. No excuses not to practice. Now to choose 3 other songs. I just listened to Rachel Yamagata's The Reason Why. Yeah...maybe that one. Mix it up - one classic - one contemporary - what else? Suggestions? Oh - I really want to get Dawn from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack down too. I've been working on it when I can - but honestly - I should have it by now. Okay - one more. Now you may suggest things...
  • Practice my guitar. Yep. Eating vegetarian meals and strumming on the strings. Ultimately, I will be a hippy. Just gonna say I want to be better at that. With all these music goals I'll soon look like Bert in Mary Poppins! Ya know! At the first of the movie when he has the accordion, the big drum strapped to his back, the horn Okay...maybe not..moving along..
  • Finish writing that novel. Isn't that one of the great American dreams; start your own business,  and write the next great American novel. I choose the novel track. Look for me in the young adult section end of next year...ahem...ideally.
  • Go somewhere I've never been. I'm pathetically poor and want so much to travel it makes me hurt inside. So, this year, I just want to go somewhere I've never been before. It doesn't have to be anywhere exotic or unique (though I wouldn't say no to Thailand - especially a really great Island called Koh Tao or Turtle Island with beach side bungalows and scuba diving and beautiful scenery, white beaches, blue clear water...did I mention the bungalows! Nope...wouldn't say no at all), but just so's I've never been there. I've never been to Seattle. Wouldn't mind going there. Anywhere on the East Coast would be new. Goodness - I've never been to Lake Powell in my very own state. I just want to go somewhere I've never been (Koh Tao, Koh Tao, Koh Tao). Dat's all.
  • Get another kitty. :) That's it. I just want a kitty. A black one with green eyes - I shall call her Daphne. Aw. Ickle Daphne. Ooo - maybe an orange striped one called Traddles. Yeah. Traddles. 

Alrighty. Pretty boring right? I know. Health. Music. Writing. Travel. Ickle Kitties. WELL! Those are the things that interest me and make up the "good" in my life. They make life more livable. 2009 will be happy. That's really the all encompassing resolution for 2009 - be happy. Just be happy. And get Daphne...and check itineraries for Koh Tao. 


Adam & MiKail said... your travels for this year, I'd highly recommend Seattle. Not only is it a great destination choice, but I'd LOVE to see you. It's been far too long! And you know if you come here you'll have a place to stay and a free tour guide!

Marisa Jean said...

I'll be the first to buy your novel.

I also didn't know you were so musically inclined. I'm jealous. One more thing on the "Andrea is perfect" list. Told you that you were intimidating. Now I have even more proof. HA!

Andrea Jolene said...

Marisa - Bwhahaha. Musically inclined. More like Musically attempting. ;) But you can continue to think I'm perfect... or at least practically perfect in every way. Eye bat. Eye bat.

MIkail - Good points! Done and done. Seattle it is! FUN!

Cory and Michele said...

I think that is a perfect list of New Year's Resolutions. I hope you accomplish everything you want this year. I am so excited you are going to get a kitty and name her something cute instead of snowflake, muffy, or kitty... cats deserve cute names like Daphne. I love it!

Jessica said...

Good goals...I vote Washington DC...that's where I'll be headed in about 4 months, and it beats Seattle anyday. Mostly.

Kimber's Blog said...

I love your to do list for 2009. At least you have a plan. I also love the review for the Road Book. I loved that book as well and think that it is somthing that could prepare us for a possible future outcome.
Heather N

Andrea Jolene said...

Hmmm DC eh? How about both? I'm feeling ambitious!!! And apparently rich. Cough.