Sunday, December 20, 2009

Online Profile Comment(s) of the Day

If anything this is giving me some good blog-fodder, right? 2 posts in 2 days! A record!

From another self-described, "Very Good Looking"

Ahem hem...

Under the profile heading, What I do for Fun:

"I prefer but am not limited to classy woman."

Good to know he doesn't limit himself. Good for you man! Good for you! What does that even mean... exactly? (You better believe I sent him a message asking what that meant. Now taking bets as to IF he answers and WHAT he'll say. Best hypothetical scenario receives a e-high five from me!)

Runner up comment (same monkey) under the profile heading, How I Feel About the Church:

"I am not a cruise ship director. So many girls just sit back on a date and expect to be entertained. while most say I am quite funny, I am not here to entertain you."

So, reasonably, could a girl counter this with: "I am not a beauty queen. Some guys expect me to shower and do my hair for a date. While I am very attractive, I am not here to look nice for YOU!"

Eh? Maybe! I for one think 'trying' helps... especially when you are asking a girl out. Now, I'm sure no one expects a song and dance number, but when I guy picks me up and says "So... like what do you want to do?" I want to say... "uh... honestly go read my novel by the fireplace, but instead I have to plan a date that you invited me on." Ladies get dolled up for them, they can plan the evening. I feel it's a give and take. Right? How hard is to plan hot chocolate and a walk around the lights at Temple Square... probably not hard as I did it in about 2 seconds just this moment. Keep it simple, but please put some effort into it. If you asked her out - clearly she's worth some effort right?

As to the clear heading displacement issues of Monkey-man, you should know he filled up both of those above questions in addition to using up his 1000 character limit for the "A little about me..." section with more about him, him, and a bit about him, and his preferences (but not limits on) the womens he's a-lookin for... and his sweet boat of coolness. Yeeeeep.

And the search goes on...


JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Couldn't wait to come back for a 'dating' update! Doesn't sound very encouraging - hang in there, maybe prince charming will turn up yet :)


Crazy Walker said...

Oh my, it always amazed me how many people put a list of demands on their profile. I thought the whole idea was to put your best foot forward to meet some nice people, not put out an edict of what you will and will not put up with. I laughed at the guy who said he wasn't there to entertain a girl. Well, of course you wouldn't be the jester in front of a queen...people have give and take in conversation right? And I don't think anyone is expecting a dance number...

I did appreciate people being so blunt on their profiles, so I knew exactly what to avoid. ha.

One thing that irritated me to death were people who didn't put ANY information about themselves...just song lyrics. As if the songs spoke for themselves about what these people were doing with their lives. So artistic!

(light) Black And Decker said...

I don't understand. How do his comment about entertaining a girl have anything to do with "How I Feel About the Church?"

Andrea Jolene said...

Gina - exactly. He decided to carry on talking about himself and diregarded the headers. Why? Because he's a tool. That's why. OR - perhaps you could take his "I prefer but am not limited to classy women" comment as how he feels about the church. EH? ;)