Monday, December 7, 2009

Sexy takes on new meaning with Jumpin Jammerz

I had myself a right good laugh about this. I mean, I'm right to laugh at this, aren't I? Come on! I mean they look oh so cozy and nice, but honestly, I don't think their entirely marketing them the right way. Sexy and Jumpin Jammerz aren't necessarily appropriate bed-fellows in my mind (if you'll excuse the pun). These are just a flash back to old school pj's you ran around in when you were between the ages of 0-9. Somehow I find this whole thing a little kinky... so maybe their marketing is spot on after all! What do ya think? Check it out:

This to me says "Hey baby... I gots to pee..."

"... ... ... there are no words..."
Shhh princess. Don't tell, but I'm wearing ducky footies to seduce my man. He'll never see THIS sexy mamma coming.

"Look! I'm a monkey! A spotted monkey in the jungle! Call me Tarzan!"

My personal favorite. Dude, no one is calling you when you're wrapped in red pj's with footies. Wow. It just doesn't scream "man" to me.

Can't get enough of these Jumpin Jammerz? Well never fear! BAM And just so you know... they make "sheer" ones too. Now that's sexy! Sheer footies!


(light) Black And Decker said...

I have wanted one of these for so long!!!!

Mike & Emily West said...

Now just add a snuggie and you are set.

Christian Eyring said...

Sexy is just a matter of perspective. These sweet sexy outfits have been banned by the Amish for being too sexy and revealing.

And by the way, who won't want one of these things?