Thursday, December 3, 2009

I lost a bet... big time

WELL! Can't say I don't pay up right? My co-worker Marisa and myself had a friendly little bet on ye olde Holy War outcome. And, all Max Hall remarks aside, in the end BYU was the victor this year (THIS YEAR!) I was the big ol' loser of our friendly wager. What was the wager you ask? Well... I think you can figure it out for yourself. Oh the shame! The horror!
The Walk of Shame

My Best Zoobie Impression. Eh? Please tell me I DON'T pull it off

A tribute to Max Hall (this will never get old... never)

Still Buddies though. I'm excited for next year when we get to wear matching CRIMSON! Oh snap.

Alas! I think the worst of it was having to venture outside the office. Wearing that ghastly sweater around the office I can handle because folks know exactly what color I bleed (crimson baby!) and thus just follow me with laughter and heckling. This I can handle and this I expected all in good fun. It's when I had to go outside and interact with strangers that I found myself thinking "hide me! Hide me! I promise I'm a UTE!" Or looking at them like "oh no no... don't misunderstand... I'm not a Y fan." I felt like a shamed dog with one of those circle things around their neck so they can't lick their wounds... just bowing their little head in shame with nothing to be done but just pushing through.

And push through I did! Now that's CLASS! And I can't wait to deck out in Crimson next year... there's ALWAYS next year! We got this next year!! Go Utes!


Mike & Emily West said...

I was amazed at how well you donned the blue and white, I mean it really seemed to fit! Long gone are those days of green highlighted hair (was it green or purple?)!Anyhow, Andrea, I gotta say you don't look too bad as a "zoobie"!These pictures are priceless! Thank you for giving me that joy!

Andrea Jolene said...

Ha ha ha. Hey now! And it was green... until BYU stole my individual expression away from me. Ha! J/k. I am glad you found some joy in it though! I guess the eases the blow... a bit

heidikins said...

This is so many different kinds of wrong.

I cannot even comment.

Go Utes.


Marisa Jean said...

This was THEE highlight of my knowing you. Ah, yes. Thanks for being a good sport. Next year I'll add socks (for you to keep) and a hat. Sweet victory!!!