Sunday, May 25, 2008

Common Sense - Life or Death Situations.

I was driving to SLC on Friday. My Memorial Day weekend included hanging out with old friends, doing some excellent shopping (I bought the most amazing dress from Anthropology - pics to follow), eating in some excellent local eats, and watching an excellent film. These thoughts were occupying my mind as I drove down 3th South - a small residential road. Right before the light at the intersection of 3th and 9th East - there is quite the winding turn; one in which if there are no approaching cars from the opposing end, it's best just to drive in the opposite lane for a moment to even out the ride. It's one of "THOSE" turns - slow way down, crawl around the windiness, and carry on with your drive. Also boarding this turn are some local residents parked cars - right there on the street. It's prudent to make note of these cars when you are spindling around the turn as to not side swipe them. The point is - it CAN be a precarious turn, one in which you should pay attention.

WELL! As I was occupied with my thoughts and approaching this turn, I behold a baby carrier sitting on the "road side" of a vehicle parked near this curvy turn. Odd - I thought...and thought nothing else. Because really, there couldn't very well be a wee CHILD in this road side, curvy turn of danger and death. I continue to approach the area, slowing down because there was many a car curving around the residential area - and notice that there is a woman rummaging in the trunk of said parked car with road side baby carrier. I THEN - upon closer car to pedestrian inspection, realize that NO, in point of fact there IS a wee child inside this baby carrier located on a rather precarious bit of ROAD, ROAD!!! ROOOOOOOOAD!, busy with Memorial Day drivers, and with "mom" rummaging in the trunk not paying attention to the fact her CHILD is on the ROAD next to cars going 30mph. I gasped (and possibly swore) out loud. Are you serious? REALLY?

There's nothing I could do but drive with my mouth open - ranting in my head about "some people really shouldn't be parents." It was "Brittany Spears driving with her kid on her lap" all over again. I don't have to be a parent to initiate common sense when it comes to helpless children and their safety! That's why the ADULTS have the kids - because adult minds are presumably smarter than infant minds and thus should make more stable decisions for them until they develop the capacity to not CHOOSE the side of the road as their napping spot. Seriously - common sense really could save some one's life. And some people just shouldn't parent children.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I wasn't tagged - but I found this and thought "Oh what fun!"

What I was doing...

10 Years Ago: Hmmm, 14. Finishing my 8th grade year - getting ready for 9th grade. Because that's how my orderly mind functions. 8th grade - well naturally 9th grade should be next.

5 Years Ago: Well - I was 19 just finishing my first and last year of Snow College. Graduating with my Associates and looking for apartments in "the big city" - Salt Lake City - where I'd start attending the University of Utah that Fall. I was scared and had a big headache from the pollution. Ha. It's true.

5 months ago: December! Working at a temp job and Banana Republic. Wondering what in the world I was supposed to do with my life at the time if teaching wasn't supposed to work out. Wondering why I moved to Provo - missing my friends in SLC, aaaaaand probably going home to Huntington for Christmas.

5 things on my to do list today:
  • Run (ideally...ambitiously)
  • Nap (I hope I hope)
  • Read
  • Drive to SLC
  • Shop Shop Shop. I want some shoes

5 Snacks I enjoy
  • Jr Mints!!!!
  • Nibs!
  • Sour Cream and Onion Pringles
  • Crumb Doughnuts
  • Diet Coke - Mmmm, I could go for that right now.

5 Things I do If I were Suddenly a Billionaire
  • Pay off student loans - Huzah!
  • Pay for brothers college education
  • Travel Travel Travel - Europe, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Seattle. I really want to go to Seattle this year. Who's in? Anyone? I'm thinking the week of July 4th. That sounds like fun right? Lets do it - Billionaire or not!
  • Build Schools in Poor Communities and supply qualified passionate teachers...focusing mainly on 3rd world countries. Education is key to a successful society
  • Buy a new Honda Accord; candy apple red, sun roof, leather interior, OnSTar (if anyone needs OnStar it's a direction impaired sap like myself) I don't have extravagant needs - just practical ones.
5 of my Bad Habits (uh oh...for those who are under the impression I'm practically perfect in every way - stop now. Now! STOP!)
  • I likes damns and hells. :) Buuuuut only when well placed...
  • People Pleaser - I'll pretty much do anything anyone a sucker
  • I am really ornery when I'm hungry. Like- my sarcasm turns to disdain and I develop a general hatred of the world.
  • Talk too much - ramble ramble ramble
  • Like to be the center of attention - weird I know. Who would've thought that of ME!??! ME! LOOK AT ME!!!
5 Places I've Lived
  • Huntington Utah - Holla!
  • Ephraim Utah - Smells like Turkey!
  • Salt Lake City Utah - Boo-ya!
  • Provo Utah - uh....jury still out :)
  • Er...London, England for 6 weeks. Yes, I want to count it. Let me please.
5 Jobs I've Had
  • Assistant Front Desk Assistant TO the Front Desk Supervisor at BYU Independent Study - Currently
  • English/French Secondary Teacher
  • Barnes and Noble Bookseller (I LOVED this job! If the pay was decent - I'd seriously still be there)
  • Aaaaand Refund "Specialist" for 3.5 years in SLC - thanks for the memories. Cough. Good old student jobs.
5 Things People Don't Know about Me
  • I'm a Democrat - mostly. Moderately. It's taken time to come to this conclusion after much research, discussion, and thought. Plus Grandpa wouldn't have it any other way.
  • I've only kissed one person. WHA!?!?! Okay - most folks prooooobably know that - but it's rather unique I think. I have a personal bubble space - and I have to REALLY like you to let you in. I've warmed up a lot over the years though. Not so Ice-Queen-esque. And hey - getting over the hump of #1 definitely makes me more open for #2...#3....4....ahem.
  • I appear to be a complete Socialite - and as much as I do enjoy people - I like to go home and do my own thing alot: read, exercise, clean, run errands.
  • I love going to the movies alone - loves it! I get there at the time I want, sit where I want, sip what I want, and leave when I want.
  • I don't want to settle in one place all my life - I want to move around every 5 years or so. I feel like there's so much for me to see and just not enough time to do it!
That was fun. I wanna tag folks I tag Heidikins, Laura, uh....Rachael!, Emily, aaaaaaand Naomi. Do it. Do it now. I'm at work too and I did it. What?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tap tap tap, Toss toss toss...

After a long day at work, you relish the idea of going home, putting your feet up, baking a Dejorno Pizza, sipping a delightful Diet Coke, and watching the final performance episode of American Idol. A day of running around, trying to keep your head just barely above water, dealing with crazy emotional basket cases, and babysitting little employees really makes for a long day - which only solidifies the desire for a "quiet night" at home. Plus, I had to miss volleyball, and that made me sad :( Volleyball = happy. No volleyball = sad. And that's as far as my Math goes.

When I got home 45 minutes after my shift "technically" ended and stumbled over a baby stroller in our entry way - I knew quiet evening at home was not likely going to happen. I had come to terms with the idea that American Idol was basically over, and volleyball was no longer an option, but the quiet evening of CNN with pizza and delightful beverage still seemed plausible, at least until I saw the evil that was the baby stroller! I paused at the bottom of the stairs, glaring at the stroller, knowing that there was a little rugrat running around upstairs somewhere - and within about 5 seconds of seeing the offending roll-around chair, I hear TV blasting, kids romping, and room-mates sister's voice chatting. Tear. I like kids. I like people. I like cutesyickle babies and yes, I even like baby strollers, but I really really really like, at that particular moment, to be home, in my house, sitting on my chair, eating my food, and watching my TV. All of these things were crushed with one fail "WAH!....TUNE IN TOMORROW FOR THE RESULTS...DID YOU HEAR SO-AND-SO....WAH! KITTY!....RATTLE!.." I did...however, smell pizza. Hmmm.

So I resigned that tonight was going to be an out of the ordinary noisy night when really, any other night I enjoy being around a slight bit of chaos - hanging out with others little nephews, and meeting my roomies sister. Tonight - was NOT that night however. I also felt bad I might come off as a little disgruntled when normally, I quite enjoy my roomies relatives! They're very enjoyable people! And really - the kids are pretty stinking cute. I thought I might even score some pizza, which COULD make up for the lost "quiet" evening. I go upstairs to meet and greet - then ditch my stuff in my room and contemplate how long the visitors might stay. My stomach decided that hanging out in my room, even with Hillary "The Biography" as company (that's right - I feel we've grown closer), was not going to cut it and I would have to wander about sniffing for food stuffs and mingle with "the relatives and relatives toddler...who likes the kitty...poor kitty..." I also thought if I looked hungry, yet confused and thoughtful when I perused my cupboard, they might say "hey Andrea, have some pizza yo!" Why! Thank you!

Well the pizza was mostly gone and the brother-in-law had not yet had any. Sigh. Yes yes, the food was for him and rightly so. FOILED again! However, as I began to boil eggs I chatted with the roomies, talked with the roomies sister who also has an awesome name - Andrea - and played with the two boys. Which really, did make me feel LOADS better about the day. Kids just do that. It's a power they have. They can either drive you NUTS - or make the day not seem so stressful. Luckily these mini-humans were the "life isn't so bad - it actually may turn out okay" sort. And I was offered some breadsticks - mostly cause they were the gross kind - just little tasteless bread logs. Like bread poops really. Mostly - I focused on going to bed early and getting a good nights sleep before the early AM shift. This was plausible...or was it? I WAS tired enough.

Hillary and I went to bed about 10:30 - I woke up at 11:30, wide awake, and then every consecutive hour after that: 12:10, 1:35, 2:15, 3:36, alarm went off at 5:00am. I tossed and turned, adjusted, stretched, got up for a drink of water, stroked the kitty, tossed some more, awoke to the tap tap tap of my blinds cord in the wind (I leave my window open at night - blows on my face and makes me feel like I'm camping. It also reminds me of London. We slept with our window open every night and it always smelled a little like city rain...ya know...the slightly soiled be getting clean kind), to the "meeeeeew" of kitty (KICK KITTY!), and the genuine humidity that seemed unendingly hovering in my room, it was hot, uncomfortable, and not conducive to any sort of REM sleep. Sigh. I hate not being able to sleep.

I got up right on time. Got to work, right on time, and sit here now - feeling the loss of sleep linger about me in dolcet phone voice and soft glow of computer screens. I'm hungry, because I ran out of SOY milk two days ago and couldn't eat cereal. I'm thirsty, because although I got up on time - I still didn't make room to stop at ye olde Maverick and pick up a..."pick-me-up", aaaaand, I hear it's going to rain today. Sigh. Maybe the babies will come back to remind me not to despair or stress - or even better, make me run around chasing and playing with them until I'm so exhausted I pass out for an entire dreamless 8 hours, content and full. I hope the baby stroller is there when I get home tonight too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally - something worth time and money

After many many many bad failures of cinematic defeat I've subjected myself to the last handful of months - finally FINALLY something pulls through. Not to mention a surprising pull through at that!

Ironman. Excellent film! I didn't have expectations. I realize Robert Downey Jr. is in it - but even then - I've been bombarded with such cheese ball hero flicks as Spiderman 2 & most especially 3 - the first THE HULK - not to mention...(and I really don't want to mention it because cleaning vomit off a keyboard isn't fun) Jumper (blat!), how could I expect something balanced, creative, dare I say witty, action packed, and not overwhelmed with a "tack-on" love story with a "tack-on" actress (note Katie Holmes in Batman and what's-her-bad-actress-face in Jumper (hack! Keyboard duster?)). It really was fantastic! Robert Downey Jr was excellent! Of COURSE he was! He's not Hayden Christensen (barf! Sigh...Clorox wipes anyone?)..thank heaven. There's only ONE of him - but we could do with a few more Robert-esque performances in our trend Comic-hero flicks. I was also in a movie depression because of a string of poor films I still feel cheated from. Violated even. 10,000 BC is another such movie mentioned on "craptastic film of the year" list. I won't mention the other...again...because dry heaving is worse than actual vomit.

This weekend I have more high hopes - and Ironman has restored my faith in Hollywood productions again. The next installment of Narnia opens this weekend - I'd like to see that soon. And I've been Jonesin for some Indiana for who knows how long! My cravings will be assuaged next weekend with the new Indiana Jones Movie! Boo-ya!! I don't know if I've mentioned my yearly yearning for a little Indian Jones action (watching and otherwise - what? Mm.). Ironically no one (MOM!!!) has PURCHASED me said adored trilogy for my snobbish movie collection YET. Now the prices are going to be jacked up and when I BUY IT FOR MYSELF I GUESS - folks will think I've just jumped on the renovated band wagon. Not True! I've been on that wagon for a long long...long long...long...long time. The new Batman is ALSO coming out and can I tell you, God rest his soul, Heath Ledger scares the living HELL out of me in those previews! That's going to be pure genius!! And also a little nightmare-ish. I didn't think ANYONE could do the Joker like Mr. Nicholson, but I have beaucoup psycho-pathic expectations for Heath's performance. If you're going to be remember for something - it might as well be your bitchin' portrayal of a freakishly unhinged sociopath clown. Really - what more posthumous aspirations could one have?

Uh...side note - went to movie with that boy from work who I mentioned in the blind date post's comments and who read the comments. Cough. AWK-Ward. And is (maybe?) reading this now - so I thought I'd give him a HOLLA! :) Great movie choice - and a lot of fun ;) Condone.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cat Poops! A gift of love...

Our kitten poops on the stairs ALL. THE. TIME. Sigh. Ya know - she tricked us. She came home neigh a week ago, and "businessed" right in her little box the first couple days! Granted - it was just #1, but we figured #2 would be well on its way to being boxed as well. I've mentioned she had a few little accidents - but as time went on - we hoped she would understand "Kitty Poop in Box! Good Kitty!" WELL! Kitty does NOT poop in box ONLY...NO NO, Kitty Poops on the stairs (more), and between the couch and the wall if stairs are blocked off to prevent kitty pooping on the stairs. Honestly, I think it has something to do with the odor control litter. It's freaky looking litter to be honest. It looks like large salt crystals and clearly, it's working because she can't smell her poops buried there in to make the connection "smells like poop, this is where I poop." Odor Control has gone too far (and I never thought I'd say that!), and kitty would rather poop where the carpet fibers have soaked in her butt-smell.

In addition to the ambitious odor-control litter theory, you know how cats will drag home..."things" to show their love and appreciate? Example, the cat we had when I was younger, well, #3 of 5 cat we had when I was younger would leave bats...BATS...on our front porch; "Thanks for the food. Thanks for the shelter. Here's a rabid rat with wings to show my appreciate." This makes sense. Right? Well, kitty can not go outside. We've not taken her outside YET is more to the point. So how is she supposed to catch freakishly winged night predators to present us with? Bats are pretty advanced - frankly I was impressed (even flattered) that Mia would go to such lengths to catch such a flying creature, when she herself did not fly, and then after all that work give it to us. It's cute really. But even an occasional mouse carcass is out of reach for Lila (we living in a mouse free condo - presumably). So what's a kitty to do? POOP!

Kitty POOPS on the damnable stairs! I think she decides the stairs is the best place for her to deficate because we'll be sure to see it (step on it, slide through it, smell it) RIGHT when we walk in the door; "Oh look, five piles of kitty appreciation steaming happily on our stairs...what fun!" FEBREZED! CAT! So we've taken to barricading her in the kitchen/laundry room area where her litter box is located. No, the box is NOT in the kitchen, don't flip out, it's in the laundry room connected to the kitchen by the same tile floor but separated by a door. It's sanitary. Of COURSE it's sanitary - do you know me at ALL? We've erected a shift cardboard fence to close off the kitchen area that WE can step over (I somewhat leap over) and she can't get She used to find a way to wiggle her kitty body between cupboard and cardboard to squeeze herself out; mostly to go poop on the stairs - now that we've stacked my French Books (a use! a use!) near all and any such places that Lila would even CONSIDER trying to nudge through, I think we're pretty much good. She will STAY barricaded in her area until she uses her box successfully for TWO WEEKS! I'm also getting litter that allows a liiiiittle smell. I think it will help her.

Usually when we get home, we let her out because we can watch her. Yet, another ploy kitty uses: to wait until we (I) are in the shower, then she frolics over to the stairs and pops a squat: "I love you family! SPLAT!" Grrrrrr. We're also considering getting a baby gate to block the stairs. No really...we are going to buy a BABY GATE for our cat! It's a good thing she's so durn cute! I was going to post a picture of her wee little face, but I don't want you to sympathize. She's being punished and doesn't need the likes of you people stroking her in congratulations for poo'ing all over the stairs. Bad kitty...very bad.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

So - are you single? Cause I know this guy..

I really want to say I'm married sometimes. I do (get it? I do?). I realize I'm a young single in the most anti-young-single town in the developed western WORLD - nay, the ENTIRE WORLD developed or otherwise, heck -THE UNIVERSE even! I realize that at 24 - folks are going to start asking "oh, so what's wrong with her?" I realize that I'm failing at my religion - well, failing at the culture my religion inadvertently created in the spunky Utah Valley bubble of self-indulgence, pressured progression, and lean-to testimonies where we forget that the LORD'S timing doesn't always coincide with "18 years old and 1 month off his mission" - at least not for MOST people. I also realize that because I don't care that I'm single (well I care, but I don't HOLY HEL-CK I REALLY CARE!!!)- I deserve to be set up on blind dates: "clearly she's not as worried as she ought to be or she would be married by now." And really - I appreciate the gestures. Usually these gestures stem from married people who have a brother-in-laws ex girlfriend's older brother whose "got a great personality", only one snaggle tooth, and hey he's short! The plight of short girls is that they will immediatly like short guys - like kinda freakishly short guys who don't date much because most of the girls ARE usually taller than them. Folks - even short people's personalites (and hygene) have to be somewhat compatable. Gr. I just...I don't...sigh...ya know?

Lets observe the count this month:

Five is the number of people I've been suggested to for a blind date in a MONTH - and 5 is the number I have yet to go out with, but am dreading. 2 is the number of blind dates that have called me. 2 is the number of blind dates that share the same name (Matt - red flag). 1 is the number of blind date who is under the age of 28 and that said 26 is the number I secretly hold as the "last normal year of a man's dating life - after that they are set in their ways and not budging. 1 is the number of blind date that "isn't married yet because his former girlfriends all wanted to get their MA and he wasn't following them (steeeeerike 1,2 &3)", 3 is the number of blind dates I've not even seen a picture of (yes of course it matters - don't act like it doesn't),1 is the number of blind dates my HOME TEACHER set me up with because his buddy asked him to "help me find someone to date, dude...", 1 is the number of blind date that canceled day of (eh - I really didn't care - kinda relieved), 1 is the number of blind date that talked so fast on the phone I had to take time to untangle the where-tos and the why-fors, 5 is the number of minutes it took for me to realize this probably won't work and I've only just spoken to you on the phone, 3 of 4 is the number of items hit on my "no way no matter what" list 2 of the blind dates have already touched upon (you want to know what they are don't you? Don't worry - they're reasonable) and "too many" is the number of people who claim that "so and so and so and so" met on a blind date and are married now so you never know. I know. I know.

What more can I do now but sum up with some Sylvia Plath because really, she hits it on the head...

"I hated coming downstairs sweaty handed and curious every Saturday night and having some senior introduce me to her aunt's best friend's son and finding some pale, mushroomy fellow with protruding ears or buck teeth or a bad leg. I didn't think I deserved it. After all, I wasn't crippled in any way [ANY WAY PROVO! I'M just SINGLE!]...I just studied to hard. I didn't know when to stop." well as let you know I'll go on these blind dates (all 5 of them) - I'll be a "sport" but really, I'd rather just find "him" on my own. I believe in me (and my tastes), I believe in the Lords timing and guidence for me, so come on Provo and well meaning friends, why can't you? Or at LEAST put some value on my personal preferences. Geez.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Presenting! La La Lila...

It's really just Lila, but I liked the La La. It's like she's being sung "Oh la la la Liiiiilaaa!" Beatles. Very Beatles.

Anyway! This is Lila. What? You thought I was KIDDING about getting a Kitty? Mid-mid-life crisis my friends! If there's anything that defines a mid-mid-life crisis it's "follow through" - duh. The roomies and I found her at Animal Ark in Orem. There were 5 kitties there for our consideration - and we stroked each one of them. We started withe the short-haired orange tabby, moved on to the creamy poof ball and his partner, the brown poof ball, both males. And finally settled on the white poof ball with the blue/purple eyes and quizzical brow. So help me PURPLE EYES! It's true. I also had the name Lola firmly planted in my mind - so I'll admit I was looking for a kitty to match the name. (I lied about the Vote - but not for the Scooter. The Scooter can be voted upon I promise...ahem).

After we got her home Lola kinda naturally morphed into Lyla...and then Lila considering her "lilac" eyes. Aren't we clever? We also feel Lola is too "glamor" something from "The Hills"(don't nooooobody want to be from The Hills) but Lila - Lila seems much more down to earth. I won't have a priss, high maintenance kitty snobbing around the apartment. I'd rather have a spunky, earthy kitty snobbing around the apartment. And she does. She's so cute! Her wittle face and her wittle feeteys! So tute! I'm pretty pleased with the purchase and my allergies haven't flared up one bit - so that's a good sign.

Any hang-ups? Well, she pooped on my bathroom floor this morning. That was nice (blat!)...but she DOES pee in her little box - so I don't get why poo'ing would be different. I'm glad it was on the Bathroom floor - however - and not somewhere it could soak into the fibers. Febreze (I could write an entire post on my love of Febreze)! I'm sure I'll be buying a squirt bottle to enforce "NO Lila! NO poop on the floor! Poop in your box!" I'll keep you updated. Mostly, I wanted to present her to you...and here she is...

She's bookish! It's right then I knew we were meant for each other.
She's Quizzical! Meow?
She's Content.
She's a little possessed. DAH!
(Stinking red flibbitygibdigagrumble...bug...)
If we can gather anything from this post -it's that I'm well on my way to Crazy English Professor Cat Lady "All I need are my books and my cats...what more could one hope for?" I'm pretty optimistic about the whole thing. I also have been given sole guardianship which means when the roomies split - she's mine! MINE!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mid-Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-life crisis. It's a common diagnosis for those in the "noon" hours of their lives - the mid-day of a hoped for 85 years of life. Usually a mid-life crisis happens in the 40's, perhaps early 50's, when you come to the stark realization that you're life is half lived. It's a time to glance back and see what you've got to show for the first half of your life. Have you done those things you've always wanted? Are you where you thought you would be? Many times - you'll feel you are running out of time - that those things you've wanted to do or see your whole life have been consumed by every day life: job, family, education, finding your place in the world. What about those 3 months bumming around Southeast Asia you've always dreamed of? What about owning that really sweet 1970, Candy Apple Red Camero? Have you ever been to Disneyland? New York? Owned a fluffy poodle named Lola?

Well friends, I think I've hit a Mid-mid-life crisis. It's true. I'm 24...25 in October - and I find I'm feeling antsy, angsty even, worried that I've not done all those things I thought I would do by the time I was 25. Okay...I actually don't know what I thought. Honestly - I feel mostly on track: have the BA degree, have a FT job with benefits, living and working on my own (even if it is in Provo - cough), trying to plug through the limbo years of single 20 somethings, and those making big decisions that will affect the rest of my life. I didn't think I'd even get (nor did I really want to) married until I was around 24-26 (you see how I REALLY don't fit in in Provo now don't you?), again, I feel things are going...okay. Not exactly as planned - but still pressing forward. They are still on-track-ish. So why do I think I"m in a mid-mid-life crisis. The following pictures illustrate:

I think this is a subconscious manifestation of my need for loyal companionship...and I've just always really wanted a Kitty and don't really know what I"m waiting for. I WANT! I will GET! There will be a naming contest of course so look forward to that. Well, there will be a VOTE rather. I'm thinking names like Mr. Bingley, Lola (fo real), Ruby, Zepporah (that's for you Moses!), Sophie, or William.

I really really really can't afford a car - nor the gas to put in the car. SO, I am getting a Scooter. The logic is as follows: it's summer and I have always wanted one, less gas, small payment, time to save for a GOOD car instead of another POS, aaaaaand chicks on Scooters are hot ;) EH?
Cons: Rain. I can't go to SLC when I please. That last reason makes me want to vomit. I love SLC and it's a great relief from"rigors/culture/weirdness" that is Provo sometimes. BUT, I have to save, I have to sacrifice, and really - a bright red Scooter is pretty awesome, no? Again - there will be names to present.

So there you have it - a Mid-mid-life crisis that includes a red Scooter and a Cat possibly named Mr. Bingley. I can't wait to see what happens when I'm 40! Especially if I haven't taken that Southeast Asia trip yet....mmmm, Southeast Asia.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

An Ode To Home Teachers and a Seriously Cool Boss-Lady

My car broke down. Completely. Ka-Putz. Sigh. Car problems are so inconvenient. Sometimes I worry about how much we, as a society, really rely on our gizmo's and contraptions to get us around, to function in life, and what in the world would we DO if they were all destroyed? Lost? Sold? Well. It's happened to me this week. Car died - as mentioned - completely. And I sold my laptop. I still don't want to talk about that. I rely so much on being able to "Google it" or just hop in my car and "pick something up at the store really fast" that when it's (they're) gone - I'm really up crap creek (trying to clean up my language)! You then begin to realize how much you need other people at times like this - and it's even more interesting who comes through for you during these times as well.

The Come Through's

My car broke down in the middle of a left turn lane on the busiest street in Provo. I was a-scared. There were cars whizzing by me at incredible rates - and I'm a girl - a lone girl - without the strength to push or pull, nor the where-with-all to have anyone in my phone that could come RIGHT NOW DAMMIT! I made 4 frantic calls before "Sizzler People", aka Come Through's #1- noticed the frantic 20 something in the left hand turn lane and asked "Hey - do you need some help?" YES! Thank you thoughtful strangers! About 4, quit burly as in "we just ate the Sizzler buffet" fella's came and pushed my car into a local Arby's parking lot. Thanks to these Sizzler strangers I was able to gather myself, and start looking through my phone as to who I could call to take me home.

I start texting and calling the list. I don't have family near - most are in Emery County, one in the MTC, and one in the Caribbean. Roomies are out of town. Most of my (local Provo) friends were out and about on this Saturday evening and not in a spot to come get me. I have some friends in Law School - which is really bad because they're all busy at the same time with the same stuff. BUT - I take a chance. I text a boy whom I had hung out with about 3 times - once was an official date - back in November. Clearly I am really scrapping the bottom of the barrel calling an acquaintance I went out with once. But amazingly and most gratefully - the boy comes through! He's in Law School and very busy - but he comes. Most didn't even call back. He picks me up and takes me to my house. Wow. Surprise Come Through Person #2.

Next, I decide it's time to call upon the Home Teachers to really do their duty. I need my car towed back to my condo - ya know - for safe keeping - and again, the friends aren't around to help. It was a busy weekend and I guess an even busier week, so they needed their cars for their own stuff. Understandable. Thus, the Home Teacher answers and proffers not only to tow my car - BUT he offers me HIS car to use Mon-Wed while he is out of town. Wow. Isn't that awesome? I mean it's risky lending your car out to anyone - let alone your little sad home teachee. My Home Teachers really came through - they are Come Through People #'s 3-4. I am baking them assortment. It was basically a life saver for me. I had broken down on my way to run errands such as grocery shopping - thus I had no food at all - as well as my worries of how I'd be getting to work. I work odd schedules - something very different from most day jobs - so the hours were tough to "car-pool" with - even with co-workers who do the 8-5 vs my odd scheduling. Not to mention roomies work the same "normal" schedules and really couldn't help either.

Finally - the day from hell ends with the ultimate Surprise Person #5. Brace yourselves because this is basically awesome. It being Thursday I returned my HT's car to him Wednesday night - the day he came back into town. Now - my mom is bringing up my brothers truck (he serving a mission in Madagascar and having no say - ha. Poor missionaries.) on Saturday morning. This leaves me Thursday and Friday to figure out the basic ride to and from work. Also, there is the BYU Women's Conference to consider starting on Thursday. What does this mean? NO PARKING!!! Everyone else's husbands and wives can drop them off - but me, being 1 of 3 single people in the department - have no such obligated person. I figure since it's Spring - and I work the 10-7 shift on Thursday - I will ride my bike. It will be fun. I wake up this morning ready to do just that. I dust off my sweet ride and start out. "Hmmm - this feels funny." Work is about 5 miles away - and a bike ride was just barely a decent option - walking on the other hand - neigh ridiculous! Well - the "funny feeling" of my bike is traced to two very low, basically flat, tires. Well darn. I wheel Victoria (yes - it's named) back to the garage and think - "Who would be available at 9:30am on a Thursday to take me to work?" Well "no one" is the answer. I try two Law School "friends" again - and well, they are "busy right now, Sorry." Ouchy. I know that they've been working on a Law Review all week - and that is really distressing - but I dunno, I've always been of the mind "people in REAL need first" - then I'll make up the difference. I'm not trying to come off as some sort of Good Samaritan - but I've always been taught that it's people first: strangers, friends, family - those in need. What someone could've done for me this morning as I walked to work - would've meant a lot - especially knowing they WERE busy. I was conflicted even asking them knowing how busy they were. I understand if it was an hour I was asking - or even 30 minutes of time sacrifice - but what would've taken them 15 minutes to come and snag their poor little pathetic car-less friend really trying her best to find any other option first, and drive her to work - took me 1 hour, 2 bleeding - BLEEDING - blisters, a very chilly afternoon, being very late to work, and somewhat hurt insides that none of my friends could come through for me when I really really needed them to. I didn't even call anyone else. I'd been hung up on when I called for some condolences, while in tears, the weekend before, and I couldn't handle that sort of rejection again. Not from a "friend." However - as THEIR friend too - I do have to understand their stresses and reasons. Again, a rough week for everyone and I should be more understanding. I didn't have change nor any idea of a bus route to consider that an option. Luckily it wasn't snowing - and it was 10am. I dreaded the thought of my Friday shift ending up being the same - but at 5am, walking through a kind of nasty bit of town near my place, in the dark, cold, and reopening maybe a few of these blisters. I contemplated what in the world I was going to do.

My Co-workers are awesome. When I got to work - disheartened and disappointed - they buoyed me up and offered condolences. They then offered me rides. Which was awesome. I didn't call them in the first place because I knew the Women's Conference would make them give up whatever parking spot they would've luckily found - having an earlier shift than me - and also - they were at WORK too! However, two of my work buddies offered to COME BACK to the office and take me home - seeing as my feet probably couldn't handle the walk again - and then, THEN, come and pick me up at 6am at my house, for my shift on Friday! Co-Workers! It was inconvenient for roomies - by now I'd given up on friends (I just need to expand my circle more) - I couldn't bear to ask my HT's AGAIN - so my co-workers offered help.

This isn't the Surprise Come Through Person #5. As my co-workers and I discussed what time they'd come and get me - we wondered if it might not be easier for my co-worker just to work my same shift and go home early on Friday as well. She usually worked an 8-5. This was a question for the Boss-Lady. We both walked over to ask her - me in socks because of the bleeding (sick I know!) - and told her of my rather pathetic situation. Do you KNOW what the Boss-Lady said? What she offered? "What time are you off tonight?" she asks me. I tell her 7:00 - everyone else goes home at 5:00. She then proceeds to offer me HER car - because they have an extra at her house right now. HER CAR! She said she will come and pick me up from work - take me to her house - and let me take her car for Friday. I think I almost cried right then. Isn't that incredible? After roomies aren't able to help, friends are busy, family is far away, and there is no b/f anymore, my BOSS comes through for me. Surprise Come Through #5 my friends - the Seriously Cool Boss-Lady.

The lesson - I will always be there for people. People first. No matter where I am or how busy I am - if someone, stranger, friend, anyone - calls upon me to help them out of a tight spot - they know they can count on me 100%. I know how I felt when no one seemed able to come to my aide - and I also know how I felt when those who have no relationship obligations to me came to mine - and I want to be THAT person. The helping one. I also want to be the understanding one when, sometimes, really people can't help you...they still may have the best of intentions. But hey, it doesn't work sometimes. I am trying to be that kind of friend too. 

There you have it. Surprise Come Throughs: the awesome Co-workers, the dutiful Home Teachers, the burly Sizzler guys, the "acquaintance" boy, and the Seriously Cool Boss-Lady. Today, despite the blisters and the hurt, hasn't been so bad of a day after all. And besides, it's over in 10 minutes! Praise the Lord!