Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anthropologie - a simple sort of torture -And other weekend happenings

I had a rather enjoyable weekend. To be honest, I've had a string of really decent weekends and I'm pretty happy about the whole thing. Weekends are nice regardless because it means not working - but on the other hand they can also be a sad reminder of what a huge SINGLE LOSER WITH NO FRIENDS you are. Lately, however, I've had some good weekends. Even my Valentines last weekend, naturally dateless, was pleasant. To be honest, Valentines has never been here nor there for me. Last year was my first of what could be deemed a "real Valentines" (because I actually HAD a Valentine) in the 24 years of my existence up that point. So this year was back to regular old "Oh wait what? Valentines is THIS weekend? Oopsy" Chirp. It only means should I ever see an actual point to Valentines weekend again, I will be extremely easy to please... just the usual flowers and chocolates will do. Make note someone out there and pass it along someday... in the next 5 years... hopefully. Cough. BUT that weekend is in the past. Lets talk about this weekend, shall we? Yes.


I left work early. HOLLA! Love that. Then Nik and I had the chance to see my fellow shorty friend, Camille Nelson (see side bar and accompanying link) put on a concert for her debut album, First Words, at the Fort Douglas theater near the U. Several things to note about this outing. FIRST how much I envy the musically gifted. There's no need to mention how intently and intrinsically music touches our collective souls, not to mention individual lives, in powerfully indescribable ways. I can play the piano - averagely - I like to sing - averagely...or in the car...or in a choir - and I'm trying to learn the guitar. I am a music appreciator in almost every respect, and love attending anything from the symphony to a concert, opera, musicals, the ballet, you name it. So when someone can produce such unique and incredible music and then have the confidence to share it with everyone around them, I envy that. I envy the confidence and the talent. I wish I could do it - but I love that I can really appreciate it. And yes, I'm one of those "when I have kids they will all pick one instrument and take lessons for at least 5 years so help me heaven!" Thus my SECOND thought about the evening: I want a house full of music - any music (hopefully I can sucker one of them into the violin or cello) - and definitely a whole lot of music appreciation. THIRD - anyone who has the talent should take the risk, the opportunity, to share it.

After the concert Nik and I ate some mini-burgers (because if they're mini... they don't count as burgers... it's practically eating celery, right?) and discussed how we appreciate music. It then goes silent as we try and think of any talents we might have comparable - and come up with nothing. So instead, we order some more ranch for the regular sized fries and discuss other things. Everything's better regular sized, for example.


Anthropology is a simple kind of torture in the cruelest forms. You may think it's because everything they produce is quite easily spectacular and beautiful and lovely and costs more than half your monthly rent. Yet, you are still tempted to buy it. You are STILL tempted even though that yellow dress with its neck ruffles and flutter sleeves is HALF your rent. How is that not cruel? I went ahead and tried on....oh....about 10 items just to make sure I loved them. And then, I put 10 items back. I couldn't do it. I couldn't justify it. I can't wait for my tax refund. My roomie Mary and I were in Anthro for about 2 hours - drooling and longing - before we drug ourselves away. After being surrounded by $78 cotton tee's and $158 lined dresses, we decided to go to Urban Outfitters, which would now seem reasonable.

Enters second round of quiet Anthro cruelty... the real torture.

After spending several hours trying on some of the most glorious pieces of clothing any sort of clothing store has to offer, Urban just. didn't. cut. it. The clothes just didn't fit right... or... feel right... or.... crying out in anguish "Just take them back! Gasp! It's just not the same!! I want that $78 cotton tee that fit just so and felt in every way made for my little stumpy short curving bod! Just take it all back!!" Rush out of store in huff...and then get distracted by Urban jewelry and examine a few pricey pieces.

And if there IS one thing that shopping makes you realize it's time to work out.

And we did; which helped me calm down a bit.

Then Nik and I went to our third, yes third, viewing of the High School production Beauty and the Beast. Why the 3rd time you might ask? WELL! Even though it IS my favorite little Disney animation, this is not the reason for sitting through 3 productions of it in High School's throughout Utah: Emery, Taylorsville, and Woodscross respectively.

Emery: My little brother was cast as Maurice and THUS I had to attend. Family obligation - and it was good. Nikelle came because I demanded it. That's right.

Taylorsville: My cousin was part of the production of her High School's rendition Beauty and the Beast. And I demanded Nik attend. Luckily, she had yet to acquire a life and attended. And I paid for that one.

Woodscross (last night): Nik took her little niece and nephew and demanded I attend. Well. She had met my demands so I felt it was my duty (and considering I also have not acquired anything resembling a "life" per se) to attend. Plus, I heard Woodscross puts on a mean show and really, we were making an excellent habit of it. Why break the streak? Actually, I might note that the Clock, Cogsworth, reminded me of the Martin Short character Clifford from the movie Clifford. I'd seen that movie a long long long...looooong time ago before viewing it again in January, and I think I laughed more than most people there because I had that character in my mind. Pretty awesome. Ahem... and now moving on from the pointless side note to...


I made dinner! For myself! Woot! .... I've accepted that most things I make will only be for me for awhile. C'est la vie.

It's a Vegetarian Pasta dish I witnessed Giada Laurentiis make on the food network some time ago and noted it down to make in some distant future kitchen one day. It was one of those things I pictured baking as a washed little dirty outside hands and put away his briefcase for the second time that day. What? I can have sububan dreams. Sue me. Anyway, I then found the recipe last week in my roomies Everyday Pasta cookbook and purchased the ingredients immediatly. I'm not waiting for suburbia to eat better. I've also been trying to get into the habit of making delicious food on Sundays, and then eating it for lunch at work the entire week. Saves money, and cultivates my "cooking" talents. It's one talent I've been working on slowly for several years. I also hope to help me eat healthier in general. Yup. Healthy eating - healthy lifestyle. Very un-American.

The Veggies



And that's my pleasant weekend. Not bad eh? I need to tote my camera around with me again. I've been using my phone - but the pixels just aren't doing it for me. And don't pretend they are doing it for you.


Jessica said...

RE: Anthropologie- I feel your pain! It has taunted me for years.

Marisa Jean said...

I'm sorry, but no cotton tee is worth $78, no matter how good it makes you look. And three versions of Beauty and the Beast? I love Beauty and the Beast, and love musicals, but not three high school versions of it.

I'll tell you what, you can cook for me any time you want cause veggie dish looks D-I-V-I-N-E. Yep, it looks so good that I had to spread the letters out. Your cooking gives new meaning to the Campells slogan "mmm mmm good!"

Andrea Jolene said...

Listen. Have you TRIED on the cotton tee's at Anthropologie? EH?!??! Go ahead - go try one on - and if you are still of the same mind - I will hear you out. :)

Ha. Wow Campbells slogans eh? I'm all a-blushing. I will bring some for you to try.

Cory and Michele said...

Your pasta did look (and smelled) marvelous! I was jealous sitting next to your with my icky little Lean Cuisine - with it's funky little chicken bits.

I would LOVE to try on one of the cotton tee's you mentioned. It sounds fabulous!