Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference. It's kinda a big deal.

I had a Singles Ward Bishop at Snow College that gave the ladies 4 things we should look for in an "eternal companion" (you can imagine the pens poised over notebooks now - all young 18-21 year old girls eagerly waiting for Bishop to tell them how to find their "destiny"). He said that any man we date should possess the following (ahem hem ..hem):

  • Holds a Current Temple Recommend
  • He loved his mission (although hard - he loved it)
  • How he treats his Mother
  • The priority he gives General Conference Weekend (including Priesthood Session)
My friend Nik and I have always kept those guidelines in the back of our head through the years (and years...and...years). Of the hundreds of talks singles hear about singleness and marriage and do this and expect that - those 4 have really stuck with me. I think they are some pretty decent guidelines - and says a lot about an individual. I most especially thought of the last one this weekend - it being General Conference weekend. Most particularly I think watching the Saturday session is a big deal. All the sessions are important, but Saturday, to me, is the one that is easiest to dismiss, thus the one I feel we should all make it a priority to watch. We get approximately 52 Saturdays a year. What's 2 Saturdays of those 52 to take and watch the Prophet and Apostles teach us valuable principles and doctrine? Well it's WORTH it I can tell you that. And yes, I am aware you can "read" it in the Ensign later or watch it online - but I think it says something to watch it on a Saturday when it's on. That's how important it is to me. And I know I may get criticism for "oh sometimes stuff comes up" and yes it does - but General Conference to me is a big priority on Saturday AND Sunday - and I don't think it's too much of our "time" (that isn't even really "ours" anyway) to watch and learn on the days we are supposed to. It's for our benefit...and our blessing.
That soap box out of the way - IT WAS GENERAL CONFERENCE WEEKEND! I had the opportunity to go to one session and almost two. It was a very rainy Saturday - and my friend Misty had gotten some extra tickets to the Saturday afternoon session for me and Nikelle. We walked down to the Conference Center between Saturday sessions trying to share a BYU Independent Study balloon (er...umbrella. Balloon? Why would I write balloon? Carrying a BYU balloon to Conference? Bwahaha! The very thought! I meant Umbrella). Yes. Imagine 3 girls in their Sunday best trudging to Conference under a BYU Umbrella. Classic. As we approached the Conference Center the crowds got bigger and bigger. Adding hundreds of umbrellas into the mix didn't help the chaos of folks trying to get in line and out of the wet rain. Nik and I were walking behind Misty and we paused to take out our cameras when we reached the Conference Center. When we looked up - Misty was no where to be seen. Greeeeeeeat. She had our tickets and since we were in a hurry when we left - I didn't grab my phone. Nik and I tried to find her among the throngs. We stood on a small wall and tried to peer over the crowd - but with the rain and umbrella's (no one had balloons...weird) - we couldn't spot her. We didn't even know what door she would be at. After searching for 30 minutes we gave up and tried to get in the "stand by" line and get in that way. However, since we'd waited so long the stand by line was gone and no one was letting us in without a ticket or stand-by pass. Alas. She must've gone in without us...and we were wet and weary. We had no choice but to trudge back home. We hurried as fast as we could through the rain - and made it to the TV in time to catch the last bits of Elder Wirthlin's talk. BLAST! I guess I WILL be watching a little of it on the Internet after all. I would've anyway - but I was hoping it would all be a review. We had expected to actually BE there - so I think our efforts were commendable.
We got to actually attend the Sunday Afternoon session with no hitches. Phew! It was an awesome session and the weather was Fall perfect; crisp, clean, and clear. Here are a few of the memories...
That's right. That's Carol MaKita of Channal 5 News. She approached our group and asked what we thought about Conference. We nominated our friend Robby as the spokesperson. Although I DO recall squeaking "We loved Conference! Te he!" Great debut...I know. Eye roll. Where's my BYU Balloon?

Me, Robby, Nikelle, and Rob's Dad. What a good lookin bunch!
And finally, what would General Conference be without some crazies. Seriously. I support free speech and if these folks want to exercise their right by protesting another religions semi-annual gathering then fine. I just can't wrap my brain around what goes through some people's heads though. I mean do they prepare weeks in advance - start buying supplies for their "clever" posters and visuals - just to go stand out in front of another religions house of worship and tell them they're wrong? It's just odd. But hey, it's the American right and they can do what they like...Hellfire and all.
And THIS one I don't get at all. Free Hugs? What's the catch? I choose not to touch you.
Needless to say I very much enjoyed General Conference weekend; even with the rainy weather and Saturday afternoon adventure. I anticipate it more and more every year. It's an exciting and enlightening time; one in which I personally gain greater insights and broaden my understandings. General Conference is kinda a big deal to me - and will always be a big deal. In such times as ours - I believe General Conference is more and more vital to the spiritual survival of the individual, the family, and anything good and upright we hold dear. Yeah...kinda a big deal is an understatement.


IVIozartsGhost said...

Hey Andrea - was doing a bit of blogstalking off of Melisa's blog. I don't know if you'd seen this before, but it explains the whole "FREE HUG" campaign:

Its a tear-jerker...even for a guy like me.

Andrea Jolene said...

Ooo thank you! I will check it out!