Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A glimmer of the non-obscene on TLC

While living a pointless existence in Corte Madera California for a month, I started doing something I don't ever usually do. It's not because I think it will "melt" my mind or it's a waste of time (though it kind of is - I'd rather read), I just don't find it THAT entertaining. Which is weird - because that's the point right? Oh, I'm talking about watching TV. Yes yes. In my old age I only watch CNN, the local news, maybe a splash of The Office or The Simpson's or the History Channel or the Food Network now and again. TV just doesn't hold my attention for long amounts of time. I can take about a hour and I'm good. However, in Corte Madera Steven and I didn't have a whole lot to take up our time, so we got into a bit of a "TV Routine." We woke up each morning to a few classics such as Saved By the Bell and my personal favorite - Fresh Prince. Also. So. Very. Lucky for us that the Olympics were going on too. Boo-yes. Volleyball (beach and otherwise), diving, water polo (which I learned much about!) swimming swimming swimming, gymnastics (which I didn't get to watch a lot of - hiss!), and we even witnessed in wonder and awe the amazing dexterity of Badminton. Have any of you WATCHED real Badminton players? It's pretty intense! Youtube it. I also got Steven into watching one of my favorite shows What Not to Wear a la the TLC network. How can you not LOVE this show? I mean clearly the subject matter appeals to a very specific (usually female) audience, but the Clinton Kelly and Stacy London cleverly hilarious and sarcastic combo probably accounts for half of the shows appeal. I find myself laughing as well as oggling some of the fan-tas-tic makeovers that some decent clothing and hairspray can perform. Think about it. If people would just bath and buy things that FIT them - everyone would be much more attractive in general. I mean - take someone who is reasonably attractive on their own - and show them how to dress their body and holy on-sale Banana Republic jeans and clearanced JCrew Polo! - hottness. I went completely "girl" on that entire last sentence didn't I? Well, come to find I am a girl.

That said, since I came back from Corte Madera, I have started to see what else the TLC network has to offer. Honestly, go ahead and call me Pamela Prude or Molly Mormon, but regular TV these days is just plan disturbing, or overtly sexualized, or nauseatingly violent or all THREE! I HATE even the mention of Desperate Housewives. I've seen maybe a quarter of an episode and I just absolutely abhor the whole idea of it. Must we demean EVERYTHING good and sacred LEFT in this world? I also watched the premiere of a show a couple weeks ago...oh what's it called...Fringe I think (from the co-creators of Lost (which I DO love - and which will now go down the toilet as a friend of mine predicted it would if the creators started working on a new show...just like Alias ended stupidly..apparently. Hopes. Crushed. But I'll still watch. Mmm, Dr. Jack. Ahem...where was I?)), and on the first episode everyone's FACES melted off! Okay, kinda cool, but I found myself slightly disturbed with that image burned into my skull for a couple of hours. Perhaps I've also become extra sensitive in my old age. Naw, the world is enveloped in desensitizing media that continues to push the "crude, obscene, what-else-can-we-get-away-with" line until soon - no one can turn on day time television without naked breasts or exploding heads (or exploding breasts!) thrust upon them. And I use the word thrust on purpose.

With that rant out of the way - might I share with you - dear Internet of Pamela's and Molly's - some shows that TLC has so greatly created for the wholesome good enjoyment of all.

What Not to Wear - clearly!

John and Kate Plus 8 (I really love this show. Most women probably watch it and think - auto-birth control - nope - I watch and think "Yeah! I could do 8!" Maybe I should stop watching for awhile. Cough.)

Little People, Big World

I like these shows, well mostly the last two, because it's pushing against the grain of where the world, where "conventional" media is headed - the slums. They are stories about families. They are stories about husbands and wives who love and support each other. They show the ups and downs, the stresses and the reliefs, the sadness and the joys. THIS is closer to "real life" than Desperate Housewives or Sex in the City or other such garbage. It is part of the reality TV craze - but I walk away from these shows uplifted rather than sickened. On a grander scale - it proves that there is SOME form of wholesome entertainment out there and that the entire world hasn't gone all "drama-sex-adultery-melting faces" on us.

Oh - and a note on What Not To Wear - having a little "style" in life doesn't hurt either. ;) Doesn't hurt a-tall.

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Mrs. Cheeseball said...

Amen! Amen sister!

I agree on everything--on all three of those shows and about all the other crap. Amen.

*whisper* Hallelujah.......