Monday, October 20, 2008

A Be-Ute-a-Ful Weekend. Boo-yes.

As it turns out, the Utes are pretty good at sports. True story. I knew it all along though.
This weekend I went to several sporting events of winningness and fun (yes, winningness). Friday night was the BYU vs Utah women's volleyball game down in ye olde Provo-Town. Directly after work - Nikelle and I took her brothers car (seeing as both of our cars a. may explode soon and b. aren't the best on gas) and headed down to Happy Valley. Our tall friend Ryan was coming with us - and apparently he thought we were supposed to pick him up from his work in Lehi. We had discussed it - but I didn't realize we'd solidified it. Psh. He called us right when we were crawling (literally crawling) passed the American Fork exit and threatened us with losing his friendship if we didn't turn around "IMMEDIATELY" and pick him up. "Okay Princess, we'll be right there" I soothed him. Being the true friends we are, Nik and I took the next exit - right on the cusp of being released from crawling Friday night I-15 Southbound traffic- and picked up Princess RyRy. Phew. Close one. We almost lost a FRIENDSHIP! We made it to the game just in time for "spike-off" - ah ha ha ha - I kill myself. Ahem...

Here are a few of the memories caught in 7.0 mega-pixels:

Go Utes! And GO they did! The Utes won in 3 rallies. Piece. Of. Cake.

Tall Ryan and Wee Me

Ryan trying to be fresh and me trying to hold strong...Abort! I lost this game of chicken...barely.

We had ourselves some delicious Pizza Factory tastiness afterwards and called it a night. Yep. In bed by 11:30. That's how I roll. It's still a bittersweet experience when I go to Provo - I miss my life there - but hey - guess it was time to press on.

The next day I went to the UofU vs CSU football game. I can't even describe how incredibly beautiful it was that day. Oh heck, yes I can! It was LOVELY. It felt like June rather than an October that snowed last weekend. The weather was perfectly pleasant and the game even more so. The Utes were in top form and dare I say CRUSHED the opposition - 16-49! Holla! The defense always looks good, the offense pulled through, and we need not even mention Sakoda - the Utes constant. My friend Chris and I had a great time - and we hope to see another crucial win against TCU come Nov 6th. Considering BYU LOST BIG TO TCU (sorry - I've been restraining myself for days and finally wanted to shout BYU LOST!!!!! BWAhahahahahaha!), it puts the Utes in a great position for a BCS bid. Not BYU though. Oh the humbling.

And the highlights are as follows. Mmm hmmm.

Rice-Eccles! Oh...behold the Crimson!

Come to find there are some very serious Ute fans. How great is this guy?

Avast! Ye Scabrous dogs! Ye Bilge Rats! Have at us!

Making the play.

Ahem so - I realize this video is side-ways. I didn't know I couldn't rotate it later. And maybe I can but don't have the "know-how." Never the less this is a little video of the "Crazy Lady." This lovely woman has some sweet dance moves and the crowd loves her! Every football game between the 3rd and 4th Quarter she comes out and does her "crazy" dance for the crowd. It's rather cooooooool. Tilt your head and enjoy. It's worth a kink.
After the game I went out to dinner with my good friend Terilyn. We ate at "The Atlantic" because it's deliciously my favorite and I've probably mentioned it in about every single post that includes going out to eat. I guess I should compose a "Just for You, Atlantic" post to familiarize all ya'll on where exactly it is I love to eat all the time. Excellent notion! We also went and saw The Duchess with Kira Knightly. Ahem. Honestly - the movie was - "good" in the sense that it was well-done and the acting was spot-on. However, I felt it should've been rated R what with all its..."scenes" and "noises" and more "scenes" that just kept going. Kira Knightly did a fantastic job - and the costumes and music was really amazing - however, as I sat there watching it I thought "Yeah...I'm done with PG-13's forever." True, everyone. It's getting ridiculous what constitutes a PG-13 anymore. I wouldn't let any 13 year old sit through that movie - I shouldn't have sat through that movie - and after watching a horribly violent and dark X-Files - I just think it's best to avoid the whole lot. I guess that's a rant for another time though...

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