Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh You Betta Be-lieve I got tickets! As well as some ambitions.

I am officially going to the Joshua Radin/Missy Higgins concert, Oct 29th in SLC at "In the Venue." I got two tickets - one for me and one for "unknown." Ya gotta be optomistic right? Perhaps I will have filled in "unknown" by then (shaking head no). I'm really excited. I've liked them both for sometime now - and can't believe I get to see them together. Huzah! It's pretty much awesome. Yeah. Pretty. Much. (Ooo - look at her cute hair - hmmmm (wheels a-turning))

Also - as a follow up to my "I have all these great aspirations and don't ever do anything about it" post, I've chosen one. That's right!!! Since I already have the Kitchaide and have been working on my cooking skills for a little over a year - I feel that it is a habit I will continue to practice and improve upon (once I get a real place to live, and a kitchen to go with it) - I feel that a whole NEW talent awaits me. This is one I've actually been known to slightly attempt (read: stolen little brothers acoustic guitar and actually bought a "Beginners Music Book of Chords"..something) but haven't ever had the time...nor patience...to really cultivate. SO! I am going to do it THIS year. That's right! I got a second job at Barnes and Noble (in addition to the first PERMANENT job I just procured at USHE - did I not mention that?) to help pay off some bills AND to help save for my own acoustic Gee-tar. Mom will help at Christmas of course (right Mother dearest?) - but if I can come up with half - that's what I want. Yes yes. I've chosen this talent because

1. I can't tote a piano around with me (clearly)...playing the piano is always a big stress reliever for me at home or at some religious edifice that boasts many piano's for the choosing..but when I'm without home and don't want to find a religious edifice in which to forget my life among the musicness...well you see the problem here

2. I should work on cultivating talents I don't YET have but would like, and I really do like music

3. Because I'm intimidated by it and should give myself a challenge. Plus I've been too proud to try because it seems like everyone here learns to be "cool" - I wanna learn just to learn.

4.Uh...mostly that's it. Stress relief, talent cultivation, and rising to the challenge/humility. Why not? Why not indeed. And with Joshua Radin and Missy Higgins for inspiration - I'm well on my way to all sorts of new aspirations! My next goal....Saving Humanity! Baby steps though...baby steps.

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