Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It stings a little inside - this irony thing

Have you ever read something about someone elses life or experience and thought "Hey! Wait a minute! That was supposed to be my incredibley storybook-esque moment! And I was right - I would've been blindingly happy..." No? Well I don't recommend it. ;)

I just read a post on a blog I frequent - and realized the story she just posted was supposed to be my story before everything was turned completely upside down and then kicked for good measure. Ya know - those times when your dreams are "right there"..and then not. One of those "too good to be true" instances that you have hope for - and then reality sharply grabs your attention again and pronounces with a wagging finger; "Tsk tsk tsk...what made you think that was really going to happen?" Well, I don't know why I thought that. Just plain sillyness I suppose.


Jacob Jensen said...


Yes, I have experienced such emotions before - not the most pleasant of things to endure.

janers said...

I DEFINATELY hear you on this one!!! I think maybe we all have this story in our lives. And I'll tell ya what you already sucks!