Thursday, October 30, 2008

Presenting Joshua, Missy, and an altercation with a beanie wearing "Venue" worker

Last night I went to the Joshua Radin/Missy Higgins concert at In the Venue near the Gateway.

It was basically awesome. I love small venue's like that. It's a much more chill, relaxed, setting where one can have more "interaction" with the artist. Josh and Missy (yes - that's how close we became) were very down to earth and...well..."cool." Joshua Radin didn't have a "set song list" - so he took requests from the audience - played what we wanted to hear. He was kinda dorky - but in a "quietly confident" way. Missy was the same; confident, chill, but down to earth and relatable. Gasp! Just like regular folks. (I hate it when anyone meets someone "famous" and explaims with wonder "they're just like regular folks!", what did you expect?) Here are some pics and video from the nights events...
I've got some serious red-eye in this pic - but check out my "concert wear." Gold shoes! Perfect! Group Shot! Camille, Misty, Rob, and Moi. Red-eye galore. I know I can fix that somehow. Meh. Goes with the Halloween theme. Joshua himself...
Blurry Missy - hey I tried. Not much you can accomplish with my Digital Camera of amateur...ism.

A bit of a duet. Most excellent.

And I've been trying to download my vidoe of Joshua singing my FAVORITE song - Today - amongst a few other tid-bits (I tried to yell PAPERWEIGHT for him to other favorite song, buuuuuut - it IS a duet and last night it was only him and his gee-tar. time I will offer to sing it with him...), but the computer just isn't feeling it. I will post them somewhere else later.

And now...the Altercation Explanation

We also had a little "altercation" with a beanie wearing girl. Yes true. You know me - I don't get into altercations...often..unless passionate about something...or provoked...which I was provoked. Ahem. We had all decided to enjoy the concert from the balcony. This helps the "wee ones" of our group (read me and Camille...averaging 5 feet 1 inches respectively), and it's fun to "look out" over all the folks below. We were there early enough (read: Rob was there early enough) that we got some really good spots on the balcony for to watch said concert. All four of us were standing by each other with a little room to spare. We stood like that, 4 of us right next to each other, in the exact same spots, throughout Joshua Radin's set. When he was finished, there was a brief (read 30 minutes! Geeeez) break between sets and Camille and Misty decided they might have to visit the Ladies Room. Honestly - they were just discussing it and had merely "stepped back" about one foot from their "leaning spots" when suddenly two girls and a "dude" swooped in and elbowed Camille right out. RIGHT OUT! She stood there for a moment like "er..." then went and sat on some steps about 3 feet from us. It was as if this group of spot usurpers been waiting to snag some unsuspecting concert goers excellent standing spot the MOMENT it looked like they MIGHT be moving. Truth be told non of us had left...and had barely moved at all. We kinda looked at each other with the "uh...okay" look and then eyed the two girls - one of them wearing a very woolly large beanie INSIDE to a concert, clearly annoyed. Well, we didn't want to make a fuss - so we kind of squished in there together and tried to spare a little room for when Camille came back from her "I need to sit down" moment. What made it all really awesome though, was that beanie girl kept "sliding" our direction...trying to really elbow us out of are designated territory. Misty finally started to say something - seeing as she was suffering most of the "elbow" brunt. I caught bits and pieces of their conversation - one where Misty asked her to slide down a bit because she stole our friends spot in the first place - and beanie girl started to raise her voice: "Oh! You pushed US first! You had left! I work for a magazine!"

What? What ARE you smoking dearie? And shouldn't you have like... a "media pass" or "better seats" or something?

I jumped in at this moment and said "Uh...we've been here the entire time. You've probably been waiting in the wings to swoop in and take someones spot. You've been elbowing us out the. entire. time."

"Oh no! You pushed me AND you left!" She was very passionate about that point...the leaving.

I gave her a look that said "You know you're a liar." Then said, "No one left. We've been here the entire time and you keep trying to shove us further out. It's pretty lame what you're trying to do."

The "dude" finally steps in and says " guys left."

Well we didn't acknowledge him and continued with our "fuss" with beanie girl. Finally she said, all puffed up, beanied, and important, "Well I WORK for In the Venue! So you better watch it!"

So wait...a magazine for In the Venue or In the Venue? Or neither? Yeah...neither.

Now - I can be rather sarcastic at times. I have sarcastic humor - and if I were really a mean person - I'm pretty sure I could turn my sarcastic powers to evil. I try not to do this. I would like my powers to be used for good - for " good natured laughs" if you will - but beanie girl said just the right thing to turn my mean sarcasm dial to full power:

I conjured up the most "ohhhh YOU'RE the Queen of the Universe? I had no idea!" look at responded: "Ohhhhhh! Oh had I KNOWN you WORK in the VENUE we would've let you shove us right out the door! Oh! Had I ooooooonnnnly knooooooown THAT!" And with that I turned back towards the concert.

Beanie girl mumbled something like " better watch it.." to which I giggled audibly but softly and shook my head. Beanie girl and dude stayed for about 10 seconds of silence - and then they left. They also left their other friend behind - but she seemed okay with this. I assume "beanie" was going to try and find her "Venue" buddies that didn't actually exist. She never came back.

So aside from that little "altercation" - the concert was awesome! And I would go see both of them again in a heartbeat! Maybe next time I'll wear a wool beanie with my golden shoes and cover all the bases.


Just a thought... said...

Sheesh! Some beanies I mean people can be such jerks! Way to make her rue the day she messsed with a bold, short person! I can relate though I'm a bit taller I've got you beat by 1/2"!

Andrea Jolene said...

Ha actually - truth be told I AM 5'1 and a half. :) I just averaged us out cause Camille is 5'1 exactly...apparenlty.

Just a thought... said...

Ok, I concede to your tallness you know every 1/2" is very important!