Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm glad I didn't have to make this again.

After working for BYU IS - I decided that working for Universities or just Higher Education in general is the way. to. go. It's just ironic my Utemp job brought me to USHE (Utah System of Higher Education). Not to mention my lofty aspirations of wanting to be a Professor of English eventually. That said, when I got back to Utah I started to peruse a few Utah campuses looking for work. I applied to positions at the University of Utah (naturally, dahling), as well as perusing BYU, and SUU. The U had 100's of positions - it being such a huge campus - but most of which were for Primary Children's or other medical institution where I have no experience. Good old English Major. I found two positions at SUU that seemed appealing and applied to those. Living in Cedar City with my Aunty for free was/is VERY appealing. I then promptly forgot about it.

This last Tuesday I got a call from SUU wanting to interview me this Friday at 1:30 for one of the positions I applied for. It is working in the Graduate and Education office on campus; awesome benefits, full time, and again my desire to "live for free" with family and pay off student loans loomed in front of me. However, because of some decisions/circumstances made the 3 weeks following my applying for the SUU positions, I suddenly got a panic attack about moving to Cedar City. Do I want to LIVE in CEDAR CITY? I think the town is beautiful. And lets not even discuss the Shakespearean Festival! Drool Drool. In fact I was planning through most of my High School days to attend SUU - I went down there for scholarship camps and EVERYTHING. I even got a scholarship - but ended up going to Snow College at the last minute instead. Now, SUU was possibly before me again - and if I should get the position - I was afraid of the decision I would have to make. Cedar City? Really? I made a list of Pros and Cons - a spreadsheet of the financial benefits it could afford - and so on and so on. I wondered why the Lord would do that to me. Ha. Why he'd want me to go to Cedar City NOW. BUT - I also knew that if He wanted me there - by JOVE I would go! And I'd let all those things that would make me worry about Cedar City (one of them my being really...25 is like the "cut-off" for towns like Cedar as far as singleness is concerned..I'd be hanging with 18 years olds...shudder...) take care of themselves.

Then I got a call yesterday. As everyone in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES knows - we are in economic crisis and we here at the Utah System of Higher Education (that's right - I'm "name dropping") know that Higher Education is taking a big financial cut. In fact, as part of my job I peruse the Utah Universities online newspapers looking for headlines particularly pertinent to Higher Education, and many of them have been reporting how much their University is losing. SUU particularly is losing 4% of it's funding. That's millions! That said - my call yesterday from SUU was to cancel my interview. She said it was because of the financial cuts and they were taking the position "off the consideration block" so to speak, but they would keep me in mind.


Although I was disappointed because I really WANT a full time job at a University and Cedar City IS lovely it wasn't the plan for me...yet. And I felt a lot of relief considering other circumstances I would have to face. I'm so glad I didn't have to make that decision - especially with all the other decisions before me. However, it did lead me to decide to live with my Aunty in Taylorsville and although this means a lot of commute to Downtown - it will be WELL worth it in the financial long run. I'm really excited about that. I also had an interview here at USHE for a job working with Regent Scholars and I'm optimistic. It's part time - but with the potential of going full time very soon. I hope I get it.

So Cedar City has yet again thwarted me. Ha ha. There is something about that place that always draws me though. I can totally see myself living a married state...NOT a single state...and being very happy (and making my Mom very happy ;) that I would be close). Maybe when I become a Professor I will make sure SUU is on the consideration block again. always seems to come up anyway.


The Sevy's said...

Cedar city rocks, i miss it......sigh. PS Did you see the seriously so blessed chick on GTU i'm so curious what she looks like?

Andrea Jolene said...

I tried to find something on the Net...but nothing. Maybe they just TALKED about it. It was rumor that she was actually ON the show - because really that would be ironic.