Thursday, October 2, 2008

If you've not heard by now - you ARE a bad Mormon

Here's the Blog "Seriously So Blessed"

I've heard and/or read things from said blog. It's so totally the rage.

It's just a plain mockery of all things Provo-ite, LDS-Culturalisms of Doom, Scrapbooking, so-like-oh-my-gosh, bleached ridiculousness. Parody! Irony! Sarcasm! (Why didn't I think of it? Like, crap).

The irony of it all is the clever creator/writer of said blog was on Good Day Utah. Cough. I really hate that show.

Here's "SSB" interviewing with KSL:


kris said...

That was NOT good day utah! That's the regular news. I like to think the real TAMN has standards. If she shows up on that awful good things utah show, we know we're in trouble.

Andrea Jolene said...

Yes mentioned I found the KSL interview - I had only HEARD she was on GTU...apparently they just talked about it...and then went back to them them them...them them...them.